Friday, May 29, 2009

I promise to do better.....

Hi friends---family---et al
I have been very slack and altho I have some good excuses, still, I could have been a bit better keeping in touch.
1) I got a bad bug, maybe a bit of flu, not of the swine persuasion tho....and I have been out of it for 2 whole weeks.
2) My life is mundane
3) Couldn't think of a thing worth saying and that is pretty difficult to admit as I can usually chat to wrong numbers!
So, here and now, I do so promise to do better.
Now, I need to post a bit of great retail info. I found Wild Olive via another blog....(don't ask me who, I do so much blogging and love it so...)
oh, I know from Stellan's mom at this blog you need to check that one out! Such a wonderful family...there's ever so many of them out "there". Anyhow, the mom was wearing a tee that I loved and had my favorite Bible verse on it and she gave a link to the web site where you can buy the tee yourself, and I did and I also bought another so now I have two and can't wait to get out there and witness and you should get one or two of them too! I got the "transform your mind" one...and they are both way way too cool, I love them and you will too.
Just two weeks from today and Camp Lake-In-The-Woods begins! Planning is at fever pitch here at camp headquarters....lots of fun for the campers. Since I have been a bit under the weather, I have not done much planning but that is behind me now. There will be 8-10 teens and tweens at the camp plus me, my dh and my two daughters. Adults are the councilors. We will have 3 tents (cabins) plus the Lodge where food will be prepared and campfires will be held, oh, it is all alot of fun, plus this year we will do Dave Ramsey's Generation Change for financial freedom! I think they will enjoy the sessions with Dave and then we will have tons of other stuff to do too. I'll let you know more about the plans as the days progress towards camp! Even at my advanced age, I love camping and being outdoors. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, check out Wild Olive and let me know what you think!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Did I NOT blog one single day in April???

Five perfect small blue eggs
5 perfect little house wren babies

Mama is watching me watch her!

Yep, they are all there and thriving

Oh look, only two left, we watched the Mom and Dad come and persuade the babies to fly the coop! These two are reluctant, but ready!

Empty nest says it all....

That is a rhetorical question...... the heading, I mean...not the empty nest (altho I know what an empty nest feels like...lonely/quiet/finished.)
oh dear, I am terribly sorry and all. If you missed me, I was still here, just not much to share altho I had a lovely April and no catastrophes that I can recall....and May is going quite nicely so far......I feel a bit like Alice as she falls down the is passing me by very quickly and I have no idea where I will end up...well, I mean I know where I ultimately will end up...but for this here and now...I still am waiting to turn the page. I have made some very strong decisions about my health. I am watching what I eat very closely...using an excellent FREE site for healthy weight loss. I am working hard on my $ habits (learning new areas of self-control is painful friends!) I take a cart and do my twice around Target all the while saying, "can't eat this...can't eat that, can't buy this, won't buy that!" painful.......I think my source of happiness quite honestly came from food and stuff I bought. Pitiful. So I sit here and I want to eat SOMETHING probably salty or chocolate....but I WILL NOT. I will eat yet another delicious tangerine! Yes, I am coming face-to-face with the truth about Cathy! I have lost 8 lbs so far. I am not trying to loose weight to fit into a size 8...I want my numbers to go down for my blood work as in cholesterol and diabetes and blood pressure and oh yes, my liver count too....none of which are yet over the top....but I am heading that way and if I simply use a bit of self-control and change some bad (not illegal or immoral) habits...I could make a huge difference in the next 20 years of my life (Lord willing).
I have also discovered and am totally hooked on the Total Money Makeover! so....that has been my April....and will be my May....etc.
I did do a desert tea for the local library and if you would like to see a slide show of the event here is the link.