Friday, August 15, 2008

Ides of August! Day 15

Anatomy of a Family
The Wrights
circa 1950s
starting left and going around the table:
Marie(Wright), Jack, Shirley(dtr of Marie) Pittman, Phyllis(Mimran)Brown(my mother, dtr of Eula), Elaine(Picard, dtr of Marie), Dewey Wade(husband to Marie), Eula Mimran(sister to Marie, mother to Phyllis, grandmother to ME), Annie Gardner(sister to Marie and Eula), Tub and Betty Holcum (dtr to Marie, sister to Elaine and Shirley), Kathryn and Napoleon Boudreau(sister to Maire, Eula and Annie) I think my grandfather, Ray, took the photo, he is the only one missing except for my father, Walter Brown. All are past except for Shirley and Phyllis....
Good Friday Friends!
Day 14 was great! I discovered a shop that sells Amy Butler fabric and patterns...I am a huge fan of Amy Butler a very talented young woman indeed. I bought a purse pattern and fabric to make one...bought most of the notions across the street at Walmart...the best prices on fabric and notions around! Now, all I have to do is make a purse, which should not be very hard. Hopefully, this will be another gift on my Christmas list.
Today, we are preparing for our camping weekend...again to Lake Jordan. This weekend is just the dh and myself so it should be rather quiet and restful. I am off to get a few last min. grocery items and ice.
Hope your weekend plans are also restful. See you probably Monday

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 14

My friend Marian is having her dream come true! She is opening her very own tea room next week...Lady Bedford's Tea Parlour and Gift Shoppe. Horray for her!
Good morning friends!
Rain, cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, all point to the inevitable...autumn is coming! Altho it has been many years, I still feel the pull of "back-to-school" in the air as well. Won't be long now....pumpkins, and apples and warm bright colors of fall.
Today, after doing a bit of laundry (laundromatt, here I come) I will head out on a recon....have decided to perhaps move my stuff to a booth-type consignment venue. We have a couple in the area and I want to check them out first to see what kind of traffic they have and what sort of inventory they carry. I have such a mix of stuff, but think this might be the way to go for me. Paul agrees and that gives me comfort as he is careful in considering all the pros and cons where I just JUMP.
Got an email from Belk regarding another tea gig with the Lord in October! So, little by little my life moves on, hopefully forward most of the time!
Hope your dreams come true!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 13 Matt's BDay

Our Son Matt
Are you ever just totally blown away by someone? This guy has done that to me many times in his life. He was my first baby.....breech....had NO IDEA he was appearing that way and what a total surprise!!! He was wise, and savy and didn't miss a thing...always observing, noticing, remembering. He was into computers way before most. He always had a good sense of humor and indulged his parents during his teen years, which was harder for his sister to do. He joined the Air Force and was a Loadmaster (a very difficult job, technical and demanding and also way cool...) He completed POW training and survival schools, a big accomplishment! He came to NC after his Air Force stint and started his own Travel Agency. He met and married a wonderful young woman who is such a perfect match and partner for him. They continued in the Travel business for several years building Dolphin Travel into a huge success. THEN they began a limosine service Elite one of the largest in the entire state...oh and they have four beautiful daughters, live in a lovely home, and I could go on and on....but you get the idea....Matt just is amazing to me! Sometimes Paul and I just shake our heads because Matt is so savvy....we feel a bit like bumpkins compared to him. We are very proud of who he is and what he has done with his life and wish him a very very happy birthday and much love....m & d
ps....Matt is my day 13 treat

Day 12 and What is Facebook?

Fresh basil from our garden
Good Wednesday friends,
This is a day 12 recap. I had several good things happen on day 12
1) went to lunch and toured the new Marriot Hotel in downtown Raleigh...very nice!
2) Learned I had friends on Facebook who added me to their list and so I signed up too....
3) Had several friends write on my "wall" thanks and hi to them all!
4) "Chatted" on line for the very first time with dear friend Michelle!!!
So all-in-all, I had a lovely day.
Now....what the heck is Facebook? I have no idea how to begin to use this new internet tool, which, by the way, looks fun and awesome....but, what do I do??? There are so many new gadgets and do dahs out there it is overwhelming to this child of the 60's (mid-century, I believe is the term used these days....)
Hope you are mastering your internet world....

Monday, August 11, 2008


Nothing is wrong with our friend Fiona
Fiona is very photogenic

She has some friends of her own!

Hi Friends,
I know this world is full of tragedies, sadness, pain and sorrow. I am on a prayer team for my church and daily get requests for prayer that make my heart break and would not for the world equate my present sadness with any of the above...but...our little yellow parakeet Peep passed away quietly last night. She was with us for 8 years and a good little friend she will be missed by both Paul and I and her companion Sweet Bird. Doubt if Fiona will mind she's gone... Why is it we humans get so attached to these little animals and they make such an impact on us? We had a hedgehog...Mr. Prickles...he was a fine fellow and a great hit at the library. He got cancer and we had to have him put to sad too. Then our dear dog Blarney was 17 and slowly fading and in pain and he went to the vets too...we cried for weeks....still miss Blarney. Paul did not want to get another dog for just that reason, but after waiting 5 years, I just had to over-ride him and we got our friend Fiona....she is dear to us and just the thought of her not being around sends us into orbit....are we nuts?
Cannot for the life of me find our photos of the birds....just think "yellow parakeet" and you will "see" Peep. But, did find some cute photos of Fiona.
No birthday fun today....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 9-10

Hello Friends,

I really did try to post this earlier...before we headed out on a spur of the moment camping weekend....but blogger was not taking anything...a real glitch. I couldn't even save the post... I just checked...and the post was saved...not all of it, but at least it shows I was making an effort.
We had a wonderful time. It rained this morning, but that was nice and cozy and we were under a nice tent having our coffee (them) and tea (me) so we were snug as bugs in a rug. But, when it comes time to clear out and go home, what alot of work...both Paul and I are wiped out.
Above is a photo of my dollies. I don't really play dolls, but I do enjoy them and so I have a bit of a collection going. Left to right in chairs we have Kirsten, then Nellie and Kit... in front of Kirsten is Eloise and there's Bitty Baby in front of Nellie who is next to Woody from Toy Story (love that guy and have a grandson named Woody too so the name is very special to me!) and then I have a couple of Steiff cat puppets (probably worth the most of anything I have) and then in the other basket is a couple of Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds. I need a brunette...either Ruthie or Molly can't decide....
So day 9 and 10 were spent enjoying the beauties of nature and appreciating all 5 sences and thanking God for His wonderful creation.
See you on Day 11!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 9...a bit early

Hello friends!

We are heading out this evening to do some camping so will be "out of the loop" for a couple of assured I will be having birthday fun while out in the wilderness....I have not outgrown my love of camping!

We are taking our youngest grandson, Zion with us tonight. His mom and sisters will join us tomorrow, but he will be our "helper" and get camp set up and a good fire is supposed to get into the 60s tonight, so we will enjoy a fire! I sure hope Paul hurries up, I have everything packed and loaded up in the W, we need to stop by the storage unit on our way out to get the tent and such. We are keeping it simple, hopefully....

see you in a couple of days




8-8-08 Day 8 the "STUFF"

This is what it looks like when you open the door to our storage unit
Once inside you have a very narrow aisle to move about

"Stuff" is stacked to the ceiling...this is their largest storage unit...I must get rid of the stuff!!!

Here's Cathy!
Cathy is 6 weeks old

Good day friends!
This is one cute baby ... right? My mother longed for me to have natural curly hair...mine was as straight as an arrow and so she "worked" with it...alot. I spent alot of time in curlers.
So, the Chinese think the number 8 is lucky and today is a very lucky day in China. The Olympics begin China!
Oh, My "day 7" fun was school shopping with some of my grands. I really do enjoy getting them some things that make them happy. We got some shoes, some book bags, some jeans, some tops, some undies and then we got some On the Border (since I didn't get there earlier this week).
The a/c is fixed at our house now.
Lovely morning here in NC, temps in the high 60s right now, delightful. Will get up to just the 80s, so this will be a good day to be out and about which I think I will be....out and about! Perhaps an adventure or two to share tomorrow! off I go.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Seven and still havin fun

Good Thursday morning friends,
Here's a photo of my tags for prices on my stuff. I will show you some stuff tomorrow, you will not believe how much I have...maybe you will!
Day six surprise was I got KIT! She is so pretty and I got the laundry day set which comes with a small wringer washer, a clothes drying rack, an iron and ironing board....too cute, can't believe I got this, it is really over the top. Oh well...humor me.
Our a/c is on the fritz, so it has been warm here. Hopefully it will be fixed today. The unit is just 3 years old, since our fire. The fire was started in the hv/ac unit so we are a bit leary of problems now. We have owned our home for 20 years...we are the original owners....and we have had 3 hv/ac units! I think that is too many.
Keep cool

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Six

Good Wednesday morning friends,

I have to be honest here, day five did not turn out the way I Mexican food or B&N...stayed home all day. Good news $$$ was spent. So no big deal. Sorry to report a ZERO on the birthday-meter.

Today, I had high hopes, but they might not pan out either, so, I will not say in advance what my plans are for celebrating. Keep you in suspence.

I am slowly moving towards preparations for my big sale at the fairgrounds flea market in Sept. Making tags for pricing things. I am also going to make my annual physical appointment today. (yuck) The tags are fun to do, I have a die cut machine with a tag and I use card stock. I have a great clock/watch stamp and I write Tea it is cutsie and clever. It has been so hot here, and my ac in the car is broken, so getting out during the day really has little appeal to me. If I cannot get out and done by noon, I just say "no thanks". It is a solution to the heat that I can live with for now.
I decided to add the photo of my "china pantry". This photo may have been seen before, can't remember, but it is worth another I really need any more not really....! I do have a hutch full of my "best" china...Lenox and a bit of Royal Albert....not the everyday stuff, but oh so lovely...also included is our Christmas china from Lenox as well. I will take a picture of that...maybe I have one already..but not with the doors open so you can see! When I am gone, someone will be getting one heck of a deal on some great china!
On that note, I guess I will be "gone" for now....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 5...I believe...

Here I am sitting on Santa's Lap, is that a poodle skirt??? I am a true lots of things...
1) I believe God
2) I believe my hubby
3) I believe my mom
4) I believe in good
5) I believe there's bad
6) I believe Santa (and he knows who has been good or bad!)
So there!!!
Not to be flip, or anything, but I am not trying to answer some universal question here...this is a fun blog most of the time and it is my BIRTHMONTH CELEBRATION, for Pete's sake!
Yesterday, Day 4, was ok, I found a really cute little over-the-door hanger that is white and where the hook is there is a it is sweet...that was less than $10, so a nice treat....
Today, I am going to eat Mexican food at On the Border my favorite place to eat and then I will browse Barnes and Noble....that's my treat for day cinco.
I hope you are enjoying the month of August as much as I am enjoying the month of August!
I have all the words down for my proposal to speak at the World Tea I just have to put them in order and make it flow and then I will send it off to be considered and ask you to keep your fingers crossed. There is not much money in this, but a bit of prestige and opening of doors for networking, so I am hoping I will be considered.
Have a wonderful day

Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 4 of Birthday Month

Good Monday friends,
So, here we sit... on my Aunt Marie's lap (Tina's grandmother)...notice our hair is different, our dresses and shoes are different...but Tina still has that purse! She was always into fashion! Love the chair. Wonder what Marie is saying to us, we look comfy and I look happy, Tina has a bit of a wary expression...maybe I might try to grab that purse! I believe that chair is covered in a bark!
60 years ago my mom was pretty uncomfortable...big and pregnant for the first time and in the very hot month of August...and little did she know, she would have to wait the entire month to get some relief! Then, she followed up with two more babies born in August as well! Those days no one had AC...everyone was equally uncomfortable...altho those ladies who were pg were a bit more uncomfortable than most! The post war boomers were making their appearances in the thousands....I was just one of many. My mother named me Cathy...not Cathleen, or Kathryn, just make it simple. I like the name but it seems a girl's name...maybe that is why I feel like a girl still, not quite grown-up. My middle name is Rae, so is hers...we are named after my grandfather Ray Mimran. That made me proud to have my Mom's name and my grandpa's. My sister is Claudia...what a glamorous name...I love that name and she got my grandma's middle name "Grace". Such a pretty name. Names are so interesting to me. I love to hear the stories of how people got their names, some are very interesting. I went to high school with a fellow who had a little sister named Ethel Ora....after each of her grandmothers...poor child. If I had been named after grandmothers I would have been Eula Beulah....what a hoot! Oh to be able to hug my grandmother just once more.......
Now I am off to find me a day 4 birthday goodie of some sort!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 3 of Birth Month

Here I am on the right, my dear cuz Tina is the one holding the purse...we have our hair all done up, I bet by our grandmothers (who were sisters!). We had the good fortune to be grandaughters to the BEST grandmothers in the whole wide world...Marie and Eula. When we would "vacation" with our grands, they would get together and that way we saw cousins often. Our mothers were first cousins and always good friends too. Time and distance has not dulled our mutual love for each other bonded by our love for our grandmothers and family. Our cousin Debbie is also in the mix as well as many many others...but Tina is a computer whiz and we can keep in touch electronically so much easier! I know she keeps up with this blog and so Hi cuz!
Where does time go??? I cannot believe how fast I got to 60....I have alot of time on my hands and so I ponder things.....alot....
So, for today, I think Paul and I are going to the movies. It is very hot here in indoor cool activities are desirable. I have fixed a brisket, a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, artichokes and macaroni and cheese for lunch...then off to the movies. We are seeing Iron Man at the $1.50 movie...good deal!
Well, my beeper is going off. Bon appetit!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Bet you wonder why I call this blog "Taking tea seriously"...well, I do...take it....seriously! And I think that it is a clever play on words, and I just like the way it sounds.

I am a tea snob, I confess. When I consult I always tell the client that info. You do not have to treat tea the way I do, it is a free country and if you pay my consulting fee and decide not to follow my be it, is a free country! I know alot of tea places that harrass and assalt their tea, but folks love the place and they do great business...bottom line is, make money. I respect tea. I buy very good tea and want to make it the best way I know how, so that is just my humble opinion. I feel, if I make tea correctly, folks will begin to acquire a "taste" for good tea and then they are hooked! See, I am also a teavangelist!
The first picture above is of a small "tea tray" for afternoon tea. Included were assorted tea sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit and tea cakes. and a photo of a tea table set for afternoon tea.
When making tea with loose leaf tea, measure your teapot to see how much liquid it holds...16oz is 2 cups, 48oz is 6 cups....that is 8oz. cups, not teacups which normally measure 6oz. For every 8oz cup measure 1tsp loose leaf tea. 3tsp equal 1 TBS. So if your pot is 48oz, measure 2TBS of loose tea into a tea filter. I favor tea filters as there is plenty of room for the tea to expand as it steeps....(btw:tea brews) set measured tea filter aside, bring freshly drawn water (tap is ok, if the water tastes good...if not, use filtered water) to a boil, warm tea pot using very hot tap water, swirl the pot so the water moves all around the pot, pour filled tea filter in teapot, add the boiling water* to cover the tea, place the lid on and time the steeping....3-5 min. for black tea, 2-4 min for greens and whites, depending on taste preference. After steeping, remove tea filter, squeeze, stir the pot to incorporate the tea liquor into the water, replace the lid, add a drip catcher and cover with a cozy and serve!!!
Any questions?
*Please see comments below....

Friday, August 1, 2008


(cookie jar "cupcake" in honor of birthday month )


This is "birthday month" in my family. Dad, Uncle, Sister, Brother, Husband, 1st born, and ME. But, this year is a big one for me....I will hit a decade mark I never dreamed I would be....don't know what I was thinking, that I would just stay on hold??? Nope, time stands still for no one and it marched me right up to the very ominous six-oh....arrp, senior, golden, just plain OLD and good for nuttin. Dear me, I am getting melodramatic in my "old age". Decline in my future. To say I am in a slight funk would be putting it mildly. So, have decided to throw caution to the wind and party every single day of this month doing what I want and when I want and who cares?????????????????

I started early....yesterday I ordered the Kit doll for ME. I really wanted to get Ruthie too, but had to show some caution....Today I ordered Kit's washday set and another sweet little dress for her to wear. I know you are thinking this sounds very frivilous, and it is, humor me....I am getting on in years and don't have much time left.

I am putting together my proposal for a class at the Tea Expo next May. That is a goal I have set. I would love to present a seminar session there and so am taking the first steps. I will let you know if I get chosen. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 22 I believe, so I have plenty of time to fine tune the outline....I had lots of thoughts rolling around in my head and then suddenly they all came together and in 5 min. I had my outline! If I get selected, I will let you know what it is going to be about, it is clever, IMHO!

Oh, I did go to the Kit Kittredge movie and it was wonderful.
oh, I added the cookie jar cupcake to set the "mood" for a birthday month ....
Now, off to walk friend Fiona, hit the grocery stores, and try to keep cool....a challenge in August in NC