Saturday, October 27, 2007


After a serious length of time with no precipitation whatsoever (unless you count dew), my neighborhood got 4" of rain in 24 hours....hooray! Of course, that does not mean we are out of the woods, but it felt so good. And the temperature came down also...highs in the 60s instead of 80s...more like October in North Carolina. Everyone was in a good mood with the rain, the cool air and fresh feeling of optimism. Thank you Lord.
As for me, well, I have been doing not haven't posted either, sorry about that. My life seems to be in limbo but I am not complaining.
I did get a great speaking gig with Belks and Lord Wedgewood for next month. My dear friend Elizabeth Knight ( ) recommended me for a tea talk here in Raleigh in the spring and it went when they needed someone in Knoxville, TN, they thought of moi! Thank you Elizabeth and also thanks to Belks and Lord W. This time I will remember to bring my camera and have a pix to share.
More later

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Good Thursday
I have skipped a few days of blogging and cannot believe how fast the days go....seems that blogging is like friendship or must be cultivated on a regular, almost daily, basis. I know that people have a way of slipping through our lives like sand in an open hand. Takes perseverance and patience to maintain relationships...even ones we just assume will last forever....don't. On one hand, we can work very hard perhaps to the point of being annoying, to keep connected, while the other person does long do we persist? Fortunately for you, I will keep on blogging, for a while at least, no matter what occurs. I am not depending on any kind of response, so will not be disapointed in the least!
THE WEATHER is glorious. Autumn has arrived in NC and the change is dramatic. We are all breathing a sigh. Bright sun, cool temps, turning leaves...hooray!
I am off to walk my friend Fiona.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Izabella's pumpkin
Zion is looking at a whole lot of pumpkin seeds

Jazmine wants a spooky pumpkin

Up close

Papa carved their pumpkins

Hello everyone!
We had our grands over for a fun Saturday....picked out pumpkins, went to see The Simpson's Movie, carved pumpkins, ate spaghetti, had a great time! Jazmine is 12, Izabella (Izzy) is 10, and Zion is 6. Their folks were going to be gone for the evening, so we were very happy to have the kids for fun!
I am not a huge fan of evil stuff, but I do enjoy pumpkins and all that autumn evokes....trick or treat used to be a great way to get bought a mask, maybe, or just used your mom's makeup, and hit the big deal....but now, it is quite the event and home made costumes are kinda out. I have enjoyed decorating (tastefully, mind you) for fall...I will post some more photos of pumpkins and such at my house. The grands took their jack-o-lanterns home with them, so my dh says we need to get some of our own, I think he enjoyed the carving!
I will close for now, but will post again with house decor photos! check here
to see some of my slide shows on phanfare, they are fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The very famous Riverdogs!
Last night Woody's baseball team won the championship ("ship") game beating the very impressive Giants 10-4!!! That's our grandson on the front row with his arms crossed. He is 4th from the right....He hit a single and ultimately scored, so we were pleased. I am a KC Royals fan, but they have been pretty stink-o for the past few am thrilled to have a winning team.....Go Riverdogs (smiling a big proud smile)
The weather was warm and balmy...not a typical October evening even for NC....We are so dry here. Got some rain today tho....hope we had some around our house, I was out running errands and got rained on in the car. Still in the 80s.
I wish I had some interesting news, or insights, but sorry....I am all out! I did go back and check KMart for Martha's Christmas stuff....they are putting it out very is killllllllllllllllllllling far, looks very nice!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Woody at bat, this is not this year....I do have some I have taken this year, but can't find right now......

Hello Everyone,

You know, Monday is wash day, then Tuesday is ironing, right? Well, it is that way for me. Yesterday I was at the Laundro-Mat "Fluff 'n Fold" to be exact! Two other ladies were there before me....yegads...and I was there at 8:20am....they were definately the Early Birds. I did 2 Super-sized loads, one Deluxe size and one normal size...then 5 dryers....was washed, dried, and folded by 10 am!!! I love the laundro-mat. So, off to KMart. "Martha" ususally begins putting out her Christmas decor by the first of October...and what was yesterday???? THE FIRST, so there I am scoping out the goodies....just a very few have been unpacked as yet, but already I covet a fabulous Black tree will be so proud....I didn't buy a thing! Then on to Trader Joe's where I did some grocery shopping. yum-o. Then to SuperTarget...more groceries...oh made a slight detour to Homegoods...just got a lovely fall tablecloth and a wonderful Spode that it is "MADE IN ENGLAND" as opposed to the constant Made in China, you see on everything...and I do mean everything! This plate is a large platter with a blue background and black motif, really pretty and I got it on sale for $7!!! regular price was $24, so that is a steal. Target was a food trip too altho I managed to get a magazine and 3 T shirts for Zion....then had a nice lunch at Panera all by myself so I could finish my book, then finished up the day with a go at Sam's Club. I was totaled by the time I got home and carried in the groceries and put everything away! My freezer is full of someone else's I have a very stuffed refrigerator/freezer section. Would love to be able to put some things in my chest freezer.....come on Bs and get your goodies!

Today....Tuesday.....I am staying home, doing the ironing and a bit of housework, so not much exciting is happening. How is your week going so far? I did get in a tea order and will be delivering it tomorrow....yea.

Woody's baseball team is in the championship game tonight. So we will be going to the last game of this fall season. We enjoy watching the games and seeing the boys progress in their skills. I just love baseball, that is for sure.