Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Cottage (without the roof cover)
View of inside and one of the closets


Good Monday to you,
Definately summer time here in NC. Our highs are in the 90s and clear blue skies. Lawns are baking, container plants are withering and corn is about 5ft. tall and lookin good....perfect summer. We are "stay-cation" pros here on Arrowhead Way...Paul and I are loving camping at the lake and each time we go we up the anti on comfort....this trip we added a wonderful screen room to our is 10' x 20' and a delight to set up and just keeps us about totally bug free, plus great shade and protection from rain....if it ever rains again. We get a site with elec. and water and hook up a good heavy-duty extension cord to a multi-port elect. power strip and we can plug in our dorm fridge, our elec. skillet, our crock pot, or elec. tea kettle...our wonderful fan or even our Ipod dock...

I also connect a long hose to the water source and we have water on demand without going out of the screen room! Next on my "hafta have" list is the Coleman Hot water on demand unit and a free standing shower room and I will be in bliss!!! I love camping. Luckily, so does Paul and 2 of our 3 children, so we all head for the Lake and have some fun. Amy has a canoe, we have the Mega Station, lots of blow up rafts and such, and it is total water fun, campfire, eating smores, hanging out fun. and cheap it is not Disneyland, we make most of our fun ourselves...and cook all our food too. The best part is being together and enjoying the moments. Paul and I like to head out alone too... so we have our recreation and don't spend a bunch.
When we pack up, it looks a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies tho....I promise to take a bunch of photos to show my I will share with you all after the 4th. Now remember, we all love doing this. It would be a different story if one of us was not as enthusiastic.
Well, I am off the find the two-room shower tent......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday thoughts

Hello all... I saw this poster first time in an article I was reading about a couple in NYC. The article was in Domino...a now defunct design magazine I really enjoyed....along with Country Home, Blueprint, and Mary Engelbreight's magazine....anyhooo. Then I kept seeing the poster pop up in all kinds of cool apartments, homes, kitchens, bedrooms, just everywhere and I wanted it too! So, I ordered it off Etsy and framed it and hung it over our fireplace where a big basket of neat flowers and such used to hang over a neat arched window frame....that is now gone! I had noticed an abundance of silk flowers in our great room...they were all great, and I love them and they look not silk, but real and you would love them too and not think they were fake or anything....but they were just too much, so now here is our way=cool poster instead. How's that for thinking outta the box?
The fireplace mantle used to be white....boring...then I painted it dark dark blue, better....after our fire in '05 I had them paint it black and I added the embellishments and voila! better.
I am debating with myself on the idea of painting our kitchen cabinets...we have lived here at least 19 years longer than I ever thought we would.....we moved into the house brand new back in 1988!!! I turned 40 that summer too....we have moved into this house 3 times!!! painted the outside 4 times already, replaced the hv/ac 3 times and the water heater twice. We have had a house fire that netted us a brand new roof, all new insulation and dry wall not to mention pergo flooring downstairs and smooth ceilings throughout and all new ceramic tiles in the bathrooms....we are blessed. Now I think we should paint the kitchen cabinets....white....but I am scared. It is a big job, could look really bad and would be a mess or could look fantastic and we would do the happy dance....
I have been seeing alot of photos of bloggers who do this very thing and they all look so nice and everyone looks pleased....what do you think? Is this a fad (painted cabinets) or a real style statement?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camp Lake-In-the-Woods

Dear Ones,
We made it home safe and sound and pleased with our 4 day camping adventure with our teens, wow, it was a whole lot of work, but also alot of fun too. Paul and I went out a day early to get set up and we stayed a day longer to take down...the stuff we hauled was huge....would you believe we even had a dorm-sized fridge???? yep we did. The kids ate well......and no rain the entire time!!! Dave Ramsey's Generation Change for teens program was awesome and we believe the kids learned a whole lot about the value of money and their own value too!!! So, all in all, we are pleased, but pooped.
Next week is Vacation Bible School at church and I am helping there so it will be another busy week. I am glad for this bit of a break although, I need to do some planning and prep for the week ahead.....
Our yard looks like the "Land that time forgot"....just a week of neglect and it shows. So, we will spend a bit of our weekend on the yard along with setting up for VBS and Father's Day....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Time

Summer time is....camping! (our new "camp cottage")
I took over 200 photos of setting this little baby is quite a process, but oh, so nice!

Summer time is "end-of-the-year" programs above is Bella in her dance recital

Woody on far left with his buds at the High School Band concert (he had a solo btw, and did awesome)

Zion recites poetry at the Poetry tea at his school

Summer time is parents attending all the wonderful programs!

Summer time is tea parties!!! with friends

Summer time is re-covering the sofa in a soft white with new pillows! A "no sew" project, of course!

Summer time is small herb garden

So, are you ready for summer???? It will be in the 90s all week long here in NC. Camp Lake-in-the-Woods begins this gadz and rain and heat are in the forecast, so folks, it is going to be ****fun***** really, it will be. I have so much planned, just hope I can pull it off.
Took our friend Fiona for her check-up and found out she and I are the same age!!! both 60. And the vet is just like my Dr. trying to push lots of tests and and Fiona just say, "No thanks" Still cost over $200. whew, she is glad it is over, and I still have to go back cuz I did not get her heartworm pills.....well, this post is just to keep in touch, I don't know how much I will get to post until after camp, then VBS begins. But July promises to be lots less eventful.