Monday, December 27, 2010


Beautiful SNOW
Jazmine's concert

Day trip to Biltmore

Thanksgiving at our daughter Amy's

Christmas Morning 2010
Our stockings are grocery bags and this year I got star balloons and wrote everyone's name on them....they turned out so cute!

Chesson Family

The Robinsons


So we are inbetween Christmas (Merry) and New Years (Happy), this is a good place to be...between merry and happy! hope you are both!

I "think" I might be able to uploard a couple of photos...we had a wonderful open house with tons of friends and family....did I take a picture???? nope

We had a wonderful Holiday season. 1)Thanksgiving at our daughter Amy's

2)Wonderful day-trip to Biltmore

3) Jazmine's winter concert

4) Christmas Bunco

5) Woody's concert

6) Our open house

7) Christmas eve day shopping, lunch and church at Hope

8) Christmas Day with family


Of course I cannot put the photos in order, but you get the idea....lots of good food, good fun, good memories.
Now, I have to figure out what we are going to do with all this "stuff" since we are not going on the road....157 boxes in storage is alot of UNPACKING!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Stuff

Hi all,
Since last I blogged on a regular basis I have acquired a new computer....HP netbook (xoxoxo) a new camera....and a new gadget called a Flip video recorder....they are great, but I am technically challenged as to how to integrate these into use with this new computer! Let me tell you, I have some awesome photos of our Chrismatized home....wish I could share....and I want to share a tour of Sarah and Eric's cozy cottage all finished and looking oh so charming...hopefully, they will be available in the near future.
So I am getting ready for a big open house here on the 23rd....should be tons of fun and I love to feed friends, so I am in my element. I have some vegetarian buddies and want to make sure I have enough meatless tasties to make them feel all warm and happy....not to mention all those carnivores in my acquaintance. Tomorrow is our daughter Amy's birthday and we have a surprise road trip planned.....more after the event!
Blog without photos = boring....sorry.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, let's get it over with. Yes, I have been awol for a long while. Yes, I have been avoiding you. And NO, it is not your fault, you did nothing wrong and I am not mad....really.
1) I forgot my password and it was a hassle to get into my account....
2) I was bummed over not selling our home
3) I had nothing very interesting, informative or even remotely funny to share.
4) Big, boring changes going on that have to do with getting old, being old and living old.
5) Everybody else's blog seemed much "cooler" than mine and far more captivating
6) I was bored
7) I lost my direction
8) I also lost focus
9) I had put my life on hold and could not get the button that said "forward" to work
10) No
SO.....what's changed????
Well, since the house didn't sell and it looks like that will not be happening in the next few years....come on economy.....we have decided to dig in, do some upgrades that WE have wanted to do ourselves anyway and stick around here for a while....hey, this is a great place to live. We love our home, our kids, our church, our friends, our neighbors. We are so blessed, so staying here is no sacrifice.
Enough about me, how are you?
Here's hoping I will be better blogging in 2011

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Urban Pioneers/ sound

Meet Sarah and Eric, our daughter and son-in-law. They are working very very hard in some very hot, humid summer weather to build a home! This is our first visit and we are so impressed by their hard work, talent and determination to make this happen!!! Eric has been in the construction business for many years and knows what he's doing, plus, he also knows others who are super talented...Sarah knows how to work very hard....we applaud them....TEAM CHESSON rocks.

This is my first try at uploading a video from my new Flip. the file is way sorry...need to figure out how to make it smaller????? taking forever to upload!