Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Number 98

I pulled into the parking lot and found quite a few good spots. After parking and making sure I had my list, I headed for the door past a couple of friendly-looking ladies thanking me for coming out....when I pulled open the door, there were four friendly people, all intent upon....ME, I was the only one there, for a moment, then another "Cathy" walked up. Really, her name was Cathy too, how's that! After making sure I was who I said I was...all conducted in English, thankyouverymuch, I headed over to the kiosk, marked my ballot, fed it to the machine and realized that as of 1pm, I was number 98 voter for the entire day so far! I am so disapointed in YOU guys.
The good news is that the folks I voted for all won! The bad news is that so very few of the voters showed up. Can't think of another clever thing to say. So will say, God Bless America

Get out and Vote

Dear ones,
Today is an election day in counties all over the USA. Small beans in the scheme of things one might say...I mean, how important is a seat on the school board???? HOW IMPORTANT! V-E-R-Y. Can I say it more clearly? With this election we can send a message to congress, we not only don't agree with how you're running our country, we will DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We legally and morally have the authority to do this, so get your umbrella out and go vote (in the rain here in NC). Lots of good people have died so we can do this. Lots of good people sacrificed so we can do this. Lots of good people all over this world would love to be able to do this....we are blessed above all to have this liberty. Shame on all who decide to not participate. How dare you?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making a List!

Good Wednesday friends and family...(not that my family is not "friends"...)
We, Paul and I, have a dream/goal. A dream is something that your heart desires...a goal is the end of a process in which you obtain your dream. Is that clear? Maybe not. Well, a dream is something out there...a goal at the END OF A LIST OF "TO-DOS". One dream was to be debt-free and live on our AF retirement (check!). Another dream is to save all Paul's regular paycheck (check!). And the big dream is to head out to visit every single state in the lower 48 and include perhaps a side trip to Canada a couple of times and perhaps Mexico too...anyhow...a longgggggggggg road trip of at least a year, THEN, head to Europe and spend at least 6 months in Great Britian and the continent....now, here's where the list comes in....
1) get some things fixed up on our house to get ready to sell in January 2010.
a. get yard in shape
b. get ceilings repaired and painted
c. power-wash
d. new counter-tops in kitchen (maybe a new sink???)
2) begin packing/sorting/tossing our belongings with an eye on a long term storage situation. Ask ourselves, "is this something that we will be glad to see 2 years from now?"
3) make long range medical plans
a. Dr. appointments and a full year's worth of prescriptions
b. Dental procedures...and regular appointments
c. Eye exams and new glasses
d. Fiona's shots and such...
4) Make final decision on travel trailer to purchase...think Casita is our choice!
5) Buy Blackberries or IPhones, don't know which...
6) New laptop?
7) Flip thingy for videos
8) Begin a new blog for this adventure
9) Continue to live life normally as we have no idea when the house will actually sell since we have never been able to sell it before!!!

That's the list. That's the plan. That's our dream/goal
So far, we have 3 books on road trips and a nice gps, it's a beginning

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're heading back!

Good Thursday everyone!
We are heading back to the "lake" for a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend! Sarah is helping me set up camp today so we can hopefully get a prime spot on good ol Loop 2....usually packed out....we will hope that folks are planning on coming tomorrow and we will slip in ahead of the crowd. Who knows? Some years it is very busy, others---dead. We have rented a pontoon for a morning and that should be fun. Packing light, well, lighter. No AC, no multiple chairs (just our 2), leave a big fan home, and some other stuff. The weather has taken it's cue from the calendar and is just a bit cooler, high in the 80s which makes for delightful camping weather. The nights dip into the 60s so we will be cozy. Celebrating granddaughter Jazmine's 14th BDay. Hooray for J. She is a lovely young lady who is very talented, smart and above all, kind. She is a delight. We love her dearly.
Oh, this camping trip I have made detailed menus in order to avoid taking too much food or not having what I need....since we are going for a short time, I don't want to spend any of it rushing out for an ingredient! I found a neat site here
it is full of good info and recipes and she is fun to watch. check it out! Perhaps I will do a "cooking show" video and share with you on the blog! Well, the sun is shining, the weather is "crisp" and autumn is on its way, another year heading into the stretch. 9/11 is fast approaching. Halloween decor is taking the place of "back-to-school". I was in KMart yesterday taking advantage of the great clearance prices on all things "Martha". I am so sad to see her leave KMart! I bought wonderful blankets, glassware and two sets of dishes all at unbelievable prices....we will use the blankets, the dishes were for Amy and the glassware for Sarah, so I didn't add much to our home inventory. I also began boxing up the summer decor for storage. I am so excited to begin this process which will end with our belongings going into long term storage while we travel for a good long while!
Oh, below is a photo of what 60 looks like.....


Monday, August 31, 2009

Today is MY birthday!

Hi there!

Well, Aug. 31 is the very last day of the month...been a bit vacant here on the ol blog...but, since it is my bday, thought I would check in and say hello. Last week Paul took the whole week as vacation and we did a "staycation" out at the lake. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies loaded up in that little red pick up and the black vw beetle...packed so tight that when you open a door something gets flung out with a whole lot of velocity. We certainly had a sweet set-up. It was hot...days averaged in the 90s, but we had 3 fans and an ac unit (no kidding) Nonetheless, we were sweaty. I read most of My life in France, by Julia Child. It is very very good and made me want to read her cookbook, so I bought Mastering the Art of French Cooking (not that I will ever make a single recipe in there, it is just a fun read, seriously). While at the lake we ate, read, walked, swam, and relaxed a whole lot, it was very nice. Paul had his bday while there too. Friday we packed it all up and came home to ac comfort. Saturday we saw Inglorious B*, it as a very good movie. I am now Two for two as Julie/Julia was also good.

I know I have rambled on about "change"....and for certain, it is what life is all about....I am so much more aware of change in this time of my life. When I look back, of course my previous years were chock full of change, but I do not recall analyzing or being even aware of all the ramafications of those changes...NOW is a different story. Change has me captivated. Perhaps it is because I have the luxury of free-time to ponder events??? Whatever, I am scrutinizing the changes happening or about to happen in my life both personally and globally. Thank goodness one thing NEVER changes...that's Jesus. I am so very thankful for the faith He has given me and the assurance that whatever change occurs, it is within His good will for me. I trust Him. Still, facing change can be painful or frightening, or both! A bit over 20 years ago my immediate family was moving to NC from Boston...a change that the USAF dictated and we complied. Not so easy for two teenage daughters and much drama and trauma ensued. Rough going. My parents were also moving...from Kansas to Arizona. A big change moving from family completely....now, that is something WE had been doing for all our married life, but not my folks...another big change and I have to admit I was surprised at them, how could they move away from family???? Well, fast-forward and here I am, 20 years older and contemplating the exact same type of movement...and I now know exactly why they did it, cuz it is why I will do it too. I admit that the dynamics of my family have changed and I will adapt to that change too! I will not sit and moan and resent...I will run, dance, skip to meet the change. I will change too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still raining in NC

Hello all,
I did not get the Madsen bike...but that's ok. I bet they are expensive. Nie got the bike and she deserves it for sure with small children and surviving an airplane crash and all she has been through. Wow. She is quite an example of strength. Blogland is full of stories of courage and compassion and strength and I really enjoy being part of it all. There's lot of humor and knowledge and good ideas out there too for any and all who spend some time searching a bit using key words. Or, I hop from blog to blog...did I mention I think I might have a bit of a dependency issue going on here? Just finished reading JULIE/JULIA the book about the young woman (Julie) who decided to do every recipe in Julia Child's THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING VOL 1 in a year and blog about it....she then wrote this book which then was made into a movie soon to be released! Now, that is a fairytale. I enjoyed the book altho the author is totally irreverant and cusses a whole lot and her friends are pretty immoral and slutty...now why did I say I liked the book???? I just did. Maybe because she is funny and an excellent writer. I can enjoy stuff without agreeing. She also says some stereotypical stuff about Republicans....which could be said about Democrats as well....but hey, it was her book. I am a bit tired of the cliches tho....they are lame. So, if you can read over the f word, don't mind hearing about women who don't mind having sex with married men and other such stuff...then you will enjoy the book, maybe. Am I recommending the book? With reservations. Will I see the movie? Sure.
Now, on the the TIME TRAVELERS' WIFE what a rare book it was....awesome in it's ability to make sense in the middle of "who's on first, what's on second and I don't know on third!" I mean, half the time I had no idea where the heck the guy was....but somehow it worked and I loved this book/story. How will they ever make this movie???? Am I going to the movie? You betcha!
What do you say?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wild Kingdom

This is our Sweet Bird

Red Tail Hawk! Awesome
This is another ....sweet bird!

Hello everyone,

This is the photo I wanted to share...right here in our very own backyard! He is sitting (could be a she?) on top of our empty of seed bird feeder pole. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him/her and I said, "Hold that pose!" and rushed over to my ever handy sony camera and snapped this pix! I think we have very active hawks in our neighborhood. Birds are so interesting to watch and even a casual "birder" like me, have moments of sheer and total pleasure as we happen upon something this wonderful, quite by accident! I remember one morning I was driving down a stretch of Cary Parkway just before a bridge over a greenway walk, kinda secludid and there, in the middle of the two-lane road was an eagle. He was tall enough to look me eye-to-eye as I drove very slowly past him and he did look me straight in the eye...I couldn't believe it, I felt like I was in some kind of nature movie or theme park, but no, I was on Cary Pkwy....other cars slowed down to pass him on the other lane, it was surreal. A moment to remember. Maybe my life hasen't been all that exciting, but I tell you, seeing that eagle up close like that is a memory I treasure.
Growing up, we had a series of pets, mostly found ones like strays or baby bunnies or squirrels. We did have a very nice parakeet named Auggie. He was a great fellow we all loved and he lived a great long time and so began my fondness for budgies. Paul and I love dogs and we have had a dog for most of our married life. After spending some time visiting my folks and their birds, I wanted birds again too....so I bought Peep and RePeep. A great pair of parakeets....RePeep was with us for 4 years when suddenly he passed....poor Peep...she did miss him. So, my good friend and bird-lover Michelle found a bird in need of adoption. Enter Sweet Bird...well I have posted about him before, so 'nuff said. He is a Prince of a Parakeet. Thought that these two pix of birds would be quite interesting to share. Should of called this post "Birds of a feather" (now isn't that clever????)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A LOT of rainy days and homemade wine

Hello everyone,
First, let me tell you I am sick of the phrase "scattered Tstorms". We have been having that phrase in our weather forecast for the past week and it continues to pop up for the next full week!!! Rain every day. It is very green that is for sure, but not good for camping, which is what I would love to be doing this weekend. We could take our chances, and maybe it would not rain until after we got set up....but it might rain alot after we're all set up and then we would have to put it all away wet which is not good....but still....I want to get out and do something...............summer is quickly passing.
Last night was the book club. We have no name as yet. Very nice ladies. Lovely home. Adorable pets and family. Good book to discuss (The Art of Racing in the Rain). Homemade WINE. My gosh it was awesome. I had to have some cuz I am a good guest. 3 kinds. I had the merlot. All I can say is it was incredible. After 3 sips my tongue was numb (say that 3 times fast). Then, I spilled my soul....I mean I talked talked talked. Told all about my kids, their spouses, my grands, camping (in detail). Would somebody please gag me???? Oh, no, these are nice ladies. Hope they understand I am a very cheap date. I told them I would get up and dance if there was music playing....(I will be at the next bc meeting with a paper bag on my head). I don't get out much and now you know why!
It is raining AGAIN.
I am on Twitter. I don't know why. I am on Facebook. I don't know why. I have about a thousand blogs I follow daily...I think I have an internet dependancy issue. I found a wonderful pastor who is doing a series of sermons on the book of Ruth. Today his sermon actually made me hungry for crusty bread dipped in garlic-flavored olive oil from Macaroni Grill...then he actually mentioned that in the sermon!!! Hello, am I into this or not? I got out two frozen rolls, heated 'em up nice and made my olive oil dip and voila, lunch! All while I listened to the rest of the sermon. Now, don't look up to me as a pillar of sainthood...I also watched the last of the Bachelorette. I love Jillian, she is cute and dresses the best of any of them. I love to see what she will wear and she never lets me down, a class act. I also loved Ed from the very first, so I was happy with the ending, but what I had to go thru to get there...ugh, I hate to admit I even watched it, but, well, I am confessing right here.
There are no pix today, sorry, but I do have a great one to share. I know some of you are out there saying, "Bet she won't post today" so I had to write something just to surprise you....all two of you! (Karen and Joyce)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miss Eula Part 2

Well, we brought Miss Eula home and let her get comfortable on the sofa in our parlor...here she is sitting next to Paul as he checks his email....

Look out Paul!!! She is a barracuda...very very friendly. Think I will have to do something about her!

She is now re-located in the great room...cooling her heels

She loves to put her feet up and relax. But she is such a flirt!

Even with that big crack...she is still feeling frisky

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Camping Queen"

The "Cottage"
All inside our wonderful screen room! No place like home!!!

The thrill of it all...see the hose? Makes doing dishes a snap!

Even Paul took a turn at the amazing camp kitchen sink!!!

That's the sweet lil microwave behind my smiling camping queen face! (the left lense of my over-the-counter reading glasses kept falling out all weekend...bummer. came home and glued it back it place!)

Dear folks,
(Remember the song from the BeeGees...."Dancing Queen"? well just substitute "Camping" for "Dancing" and there you have it...my theme song!)
Back from the wilds of Raleigh, otherwise known as Lake Jordan. We had a very nice time camping out...but must admit that it is a big deal to set up and take down and if we go out on a Friday, that means just one real day to relax, then it is back to breaking up camp...too much for a couple of old folks! I like comfort when I camp and that equals....indoor/outdoor carpet, camp kitchen, screen room for cooking and relaxing, toilet, private shower, ac and comfy bed....that takes some time to set up....and to all this add....A MICROWAVE!!! Yep, I got us a cute little one at Target for just $39, how cool is that? Along with our dorm fridge, neat-o hot plate, elec. skillet, and toaster....what else could you want??? Oh, our tremendous fabulous, unbelievable....camp kitchen! I love cooking now and doing dishes is just such fun. I am the envy of all who tent camp out at the lake and folks are in total awe of our set-up....but all this takes time and patience and fortitude...which we have to have plenty of since we have decided not to go into debt to buy a camper, which would not be half as cool as out tent set-up. I did not visit the campsite shower once, yet took lovely warm showers every single night in our two-room shower tent! even washed my hair! So, all we need is an inflatable pontoon boat (do they make those?) and we will be totally set! We do have the megastation!!!
I love America!
I love the outdoors!
I love my camp kitchen!
I love my hubby for loving this stuff too

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the Lake

Hello everyone,
DH and I are headed back to the lake for this weekend. The weather forecast does not look very promising....30% chance thundershowers today, 50% tomorrow and all day Saturday...pt.cloudy on Sunday....and you are probably asking yourself "why?" It is fun for us to be in a tent when it rains....
Stuff dries fast.
We love the "get away from it all" feeling of being out at the lake.
So, I am all packed up in the "W" and Paul is meeting me out there around lunch time to help set up the tents (I will have them all put together ready to raise). He will head back to work, I will go home, get the cooler and dog and head back out until Sunday afternoon....We will set the new camp kitchen up....it is awesome! and I will take photos...I really do enjoy doing this and so does Paul, so we are HAPPY CAMPERS.
Yep, you heard it here.....
What are your plans for the weekend? Harry Potter? BBQ? Relax? Shop? Eat?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss Eula

Meet my tea friend, co-worker, confidant and always smiling dear sweet Miss Eula. I bought her 9 years ago for two reasons: 1) Her name is Eula and that was my Grandmother's name and 2)she makes me smile. She has been my trademark during my whole life in tea and we have toted her to teas near and far, she was in my tea room with me, at the flea market every weekend, always positive, always cheerful, always there for me. She had been hanging out in our storage unit for some time and when I opened my little booth at the consignment shop, I thought she would enjoy being out among folks again, plus, I put a price on her and thought perhaps someone might be able to use her in their business....well, folks let me tell you....Fuquay was not nice to my Miss Eula. Someone took her false eyelashes several months back and today I had the worst shock of all...she fell and split her scull! She has a hole in her head now...right at her hairline, but her face is cracked almost in half...oh, let me tell you I was just sick! And do you know what that lady at the Brew 'n Browse did after she told me "sorry" and that she didn't have insurance and was not going to give me any money for the damage and she figured her daddy didn't see or hear anything....she wanted to give me a HUG!!! I have not been so upset in quite a while. Miss Eula is family to me. She doesen't deserve this kind of treatment....I am bringing her home, will pamper her a bit and try to make it up to her with a bit of glue, some new eyelashes and a bit of new make up. She's still smiling. I was in a bad mood, but got over it, finally. All my stuff is out of the B&B and now what??????? There's not much left of the tea business.
Some days are like this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A "good thing"

Cluttered fridge....a problem

Cork tiles....the solution

Affix adhesive squares to back of tile....(I just love the word "affix")

Back of cabinet door

Affix cork tile to afore-mentioned back of cabinet door

Voila! I use push pins to hold everything on the cork

less is definately best!
Hello everyone,
I must admit that I am a Martha Stewart fan from waaaaaaaaaaay back. I have her Entertaining book, 1st edition. She is undoutably the absolute genius of our time.....culturally speaking at least....and promotionally, marketing, branding, astute, savvy, quality-driven person of the past century and this one too! Whatever short-comings she has, and we all have them, she has become an American Icon and I salute her and enjoy the light she shines. So, here I am, doing a "Martha" thing....by way of a blog called Young House Love . You must check them out, they are so talented and charming and live up the road from here in Richmond, VA.
Hope you enjoy this little project. cheap+easy+fast sounds like a bad girl from my high school days!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Days in a Row---Way to go!

I am a rolling stone.

I am a dreamer of far-away places.

I am a gypsy.

Fortunately....my dh is ok with this.

I love our home and being at home makes me happy, BUT....I do get the "wunderlust" and must travel if at all possible, so the short drive to Lake Jordan kinda satisfies me. I am already making plans in my head for our next stay. I have found the absolute ultimate "camp kitchen" accessory so check it out, watch the video. Now you know I am "into" camping in a big way.

There is so much left for me to see and as a grow older I am aware of my time limitations and I am in a hurry to get on the road. But, I have to confess here and now, I have already seen and experienced so much more than I ever dreamed possible that I am so very thankful for and will never feel short-changed. On the other hand, this is a very wide world. I read (skimmed) the 1,000 places to see before you die....book and I had seen maybe 20 of those places, but hey, many of them I really don't care to see. so, there. Don't have a "bucket list" either. Just want to get on the road and see where it goes.

My friend Karen says you should never go back and see a place twice...and she is right to a point. I will always go back to NYC. That is about it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our camping story

The little red truck all packed up
Camp Smallwood loaded and ready for home

The VW has the over-flow

VW packed tight

Inside our cottage

see our "AC" unit?

Lake Jordan

another view of the lake

Fiona likes the "carpet"

this little dorm fridge is a life-saver!

other end of screen room

Camp kitchen inside screen room

Inside the VW headed for camp

Hello everyone,
I have taken some photos to share, but my camera is needing her battery charged before I can download....so, the text will be first!
Paul and I have had a love affair with camping for our entire married life. We took our first trip for a weekend get away while my mom watched Matt. (Matt turns 40 this August....so it was waaaaaaay back!). Our "rookie" trip was a bit of a disaster, but we had enough fun that we didn't abhore the thought of camping, we just didn't do it again for years. While living in Germany we made friends with several couples at our church and these folks camped while site-seeing! They invited us to join them one weekend in May and the rest is history. We had 3 small children and the very best way to travel with them was camping and I was determind to see as much of Europe as we could possible see on a Staff Sargent's salary. We began with a sturdy canvas tent and camp stove and progressed to a "caravan" which is a pull-behind camper. Our Tabbert camper was adorable and would be classified "vintage" as it was made in the '60s, but it was heaven for us. We spent 3 weeks in Italy, a week in Switzerland, a week in Holland (made 5 more trips to Holland in that camper), long weekends in France, and many many trips in Germany. My friend Karen was a pro at organizing and arranging and she advised me on the best way to pack, plan and prepare for 5 traveling for extended periods, what fun we had. Planning was literally half of the fun. I would read about a place to see or an event to attend, then we would put together the itenerary and then plan the food and the clothing needs. Wish I had a photo of that camper to share, I will hunt for one. Seems like another person in another lifetime, but we were all together and having a good time. A dream come true for a girl from the heart of America who never thought she would see such sites!
After 5 years in Europe, we returned to the USA and settled in Idaho of all places! Each summer we would travel to Kansas and then to Ohio to visit our families and we camped for those trips. Back to a tent again. A cooler and sleeping bags (no air mattresses for us). Primitive and kinda uncomfortable, but we were still young and it was cheap.
We camped while stationed in Boston at the military camp site called Fourth Cliff just up the road a bit from Cape Cod, what a beautiful space and so much to see and do while in the area. We tent camped there as well and the view was awesome, but the wind could get fierce too.
Moving to North Carolina kept us busy and our kids were teens and life was hectic so camping was not on the agenda for a while, but we started tent camping to go to the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain and then bought an Aliner camper (a very neat one which we loved). We camped all over in that fellow for a couple of years, then he was totaled by a storm and we were back to tenting it! My tea business kept me too busy to even think of camping, but now that I am not running a shop, I have time to plan and prepare again and Paul and I are camping up a storm. Lake Jordan is just 20 min. from our front door, yet you feel as if you are out in the wilderness when you are there. We have already been out camping there four times this year. We began with a trial run of camping the week before we had our "Camp Lake-In-the-Woods" with the grands, then we had camp, then we met Paul's twin brother John and his wife Ruth out there for a weekend camping and Sarah and Amy and families joined us, then we were back for the 4th.
Well, all this rambling, so sorry but my memories got the best of me for a moment...I once did a talk on camping in Europe for Christian Women's Club and called it "Camping....how can so much work be so much fun?" that is still true to this day. I told Paul I feel the same after getting all the Christmas stuff down each year....but hope I never tire of doing this as it keeps us in the flow of life. We work hard, but oh it is so enjoyable.
ps pictures will follow!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Cottage (without the roof cover)
View of inside and one of the closets


Good Monday to you,
Definately summer time here in NC. Our highs are in the 90s and clear blue skies. Lawns are baking, container plants are withering and corn is about 5ft. tall and lookin good....perfect summer. We are "stay-cation" pros here on Arrowhead Way...Paul and I are loving camping at the lake and each time we go we up the anti on comfort....this trip we added a wonderful screen room to our inventory....it is 10' x 20' and a delight to set up and just keeps us about totally bug free, plus great shade and protection from rain....if it ever rains again. We get a site with elec. and water and hook up a good heavy-duty extension cord to a multi-port elect. power strip and we can plug in our dorm fridge, our elec. skillet, our crock pot, or elec. tea kettle...our wonderful fan or even our Ipod dock...

I also connect a long hose to the water source and we have water on demand without going out of the screen room! Next on my "hafta have" list is the Coleman Hot water on demand unit and a free standing shower room and I will be in bliss!!! I love camping. Luckily, so does Paul and 2 of our 3 children, so we all head for the Lake and have some fun. Amy has a canoe, we have the Mega Station, lots of blow up rafts and such, and it is total water fun, campfire, eating smores, hanging out fun. and cheap too...no it is not Disneyland, we make most of our fun ourselves...and cook all our food too. The best part is being together and enjoying the moments. Paul and I like to head out alone too... so we have our recreation and don't spend a bunch.
When we pack up, it looks a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies tho....I promise to take a bunch of photos to show my mother...so I will share with you all after the 4th. Now remember, we all love doing this. It would be a different story if one of us was not as enthusiastic.
Well, I am off the find the two-room shower tent......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday thoughts

Hello all... I saw this poster first time in an article I was reading about a couple in NYC. The article was in Domino...a now defunct design magazine I really enjoyed....along with Country Home, Blueprint, and Mary Engelbreight's magazine....anyhooo. Then I kept seeing the poster pop up in all kinds of cool apartments, homes, kitchens, bedrooms, just everywhere and I wanted it too! So, I ordered it off Etsy and framed it and hung it over our fireplace where a big basket of neat flowers and such used to hang over a neat arched window frame....that is now gone! I had noticed an abundance of silk flowers in our great room...they were all great, and I love them and they look not silk, but real and you would love them too and not think they were fake or anything....but they were just too much, so now here is our way=cool poster instead. How's that for thinking outta the box?
The fireplace mantle used to be white....boring...then I painted it dark dark blue, better....after our fire in '05 I had them paint it black and I added the embellishments and voila! better.
I am debating with myself on the idea of painting our kitchen cabinets...we have lived here at least 19 years longer than I ever thought we would.....we moved into the house brand new back in 1988!!! I turned 40 that summer too....we have moved into this house 3 times!!! painted the outside 4 times already, replaced the hv/ac 3 times and the water heater twice. We have had a house fire that netted us a brand new roof, all new insulation and dry wall not to mention pergo flooring downstairs and smooth ceilings throughout and all new ceramic tiles in the bathrooms....we are blessed. Now I think we should paint the kitchen cabinets....white....but I am scared. It is a big job, could look really bad and would be a mess or could look fantastic and we would do the happy dance....
I have been seeing alot of photos of bloggers who do this very thing and they all look so nice and everyone looks pleased....what do you think? Is this a fad (painted cabinets) or a real style statement?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camp Lake-In-the-Woods

Dear Ones,
We made it home safe and sound and pleased with our 4 day camping adventure with our teens, wow, it was a whole lot of work, but also alot of fun too. Paul and I went out a day early to get set up and we stayed a day longer to take down...the stuff we hauled was huge....would you believe we even had a dorm-sized fridge???? yep we did. The kids ate well......and no rain the entire time!!! Dave Ramsey's Generation Change for teens program was awesome and we believe the kids learned a whole lot about the value of money and their own value too!!! So, all in all, we are pleased, but pooped.
Next week is Vacation Bible School at church and I am helping there so it will be another busy week. I am glad for this bit of a break although, I need to do some planning and prep for the week ahead.....
Our yard looks like the "Land that time forgot"....just a week of neglect and it shows. So, we will spend a bit of our weekend on the yard along with setting up for VBS and Father's Day....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Time

Summer time is....camping! (our new "camp cottage")
I took over 200 photos of setting this little baby up....it is quite a process, but oh, so nice!

Summer time is "end-of-the-year" programs above is Bella in her dance recital

Woody on far left with his buds at the High School Band concert (he had a solo btw, and did awesome)

Zion recites poetry at the Poetry tea at his school

Summer time is parents attending all the wonderful programs!

Summer time is tea parties!!! with friends

Summer time is re-covering the sofa in a soft white with new pillows! A "no sew" project, of course!

Summer time is gardens....my small herb garden

So, are you ready for summer???? It will be in the 90s all week long here in NC. Camp Lake-in-the-Woods begins this Friday.....ye gadz and rain and heat are in the forecast, so folks, it is going to be ****fun***** really, it will be. I have so much planned, just hope I can pull it off.
Took our friend Fiona for her check-up and found out she and I are the same age!!! both 60. And the vet is just like my Dr. trying to push lots of tests and such...me and Fiona just say, "No thanks" Still cost over $200. whew, she is glad it is over, and I still have to go back cuz I did not get her heartworm pills.....well, this post is just to keep in touch, I don't know how much I will get to post until after camp, then VBS begins. But July promises to be lots less eventful.