Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, I couldn't NOT post, could I??? What do you do with an "extra" day??? I am planning to be outside today, that is one thing! Fiona and I will head to the park very soon, then I have a lunch date with a good friend, then my daughter and her family are moving into a new home today and I will go over to see the house. They are moving into Raleigh in a very cool neighborhood called Cameron Park! They will live in a 1920's craftsman-style bungalow, which is far from small....quite large actually. The weather is sunny, but cool, which is great for moving, thank goodness.
I am glad that I am not moving. I have to admit that I enjoy my home and am very content. I do love to travel and would dearly love to own a camper with a bathroom so we could get out and do some weekend excursions.
So, here I sit, already to head out and yet must wait for a while to hear back from daughter...oh wait, here's the phone...she does not need me this morning, so I am heading out. Taking the camera, so hope to have some photos to share. Enjoy this extra day!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

March is in sight!

Good day to you all!
Are you beginning to feel like I do, that the month of February has lasted wayyyyyy too long? I mean, it has been 3 weeks since Valentine's day and that was the middle of the month, right? And if it isn't bad enough, we have LEAP DAY. Well tomorrow is up for grabs, once every 4 years, am I correct?
My road trip was interesting and I am glad I went, but not epiphany, no light bulb, no green light. oh well.......................
still waiting.
March has many good things ahead which includes at least 2 real-deal road trips. One with my dh to Myrtle Beach and another with good tea buddies, somewhere, haven't decided that one yet. Also birthdays for my mother and Camryn Lee and Olivia Breen...two of my granddaughters. And of course, St. Patrick's Day Parade and Easter too. So March has many highlights ahead....not to mention spring.
Hope you have some highlights to anticipate in March!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Psalm 40:1

Good morning blog friends,
I can only post briefly as I am off on a mini road trip. Meeting a lady on a tea-related business introductory-type get-together.....whew...lots of hyphens there, or dashes, or whatever you call 'em. Can't say much now, but will fill you in as soon as I have something worthwhile to say!
The weather is glorious, I am semi-excited and that is enough. Wish I had a neat picture to post, but alas, I am lacking.....not much else is newsworth....later

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Good day to you all!

Love is an easy word to say, a concept we all "think" we grasp, a goal most humans long to attain: To love and be loved.....Some are easier to love than others, why is that? Why do we insist on being so superficial? I love you....warts and all.... thick or thin.....up or or poor....healthy or sick.....young or old.....prosperous or needy....clean or or not very clever at all...good or bad.....short or tall.....obvious or subtle.....more or or immobile...happy or sad....focused or confused.....Are we that committed? Are we that aware? Love is not easy, but the more you practice the more natural it becomes....just like any other habit or skill that we wish to acquire we must develope the heart muscle, give it lots of exercize, do not limit it's abilities or oportunities. We must be sensitive to love's calling and be available to risk ourselves for the sake of love. We have a very good example in the person of Jesus. He is the ultimate lover of mankind. When I consider His love I am so humbled and amazed and just want to ask Him to help me be a little bit more like He is in the way that He loves....not like anything else on this earth, that is for sure!
My wish for you today on this day of love is that you know Jesus and His love for YOU!
Also, maybe a little chocolate and perhaps a card or some other sweet nothing would be nice too.

Here's a big announcement! I sewed up two pairs of flannel lounging pants! My first sewing in over 20 It was fun, took no time at all, turned out really good (I think, they fit, so I am thrilled) and I am jazzed about this sewing thing now......The sun is shinning, my pal Fiona wants a walk in the park, so I am off to walk. Hope your day goes well and that you feel loved.




Monday, February 11, 2008

A second Monday posting

Hello again,

Just had to mention that yesterday we celebrated Zion's 7th birthday. There is nothing better than being 7! He was in his glory, enjoying the love and devotion of friends and family and eating lots of sweets and drinking orange Crush. (hope he feels ok today, he might have a crush hangover!) Zion, you are a sweet soul of a boy who makes my heart happy. God bless you, dear grandson.
Now, on to a project.......


It all started with a "good deal" on a new Singer Sewing Machine!!! I did not intend a purchase, it was "serendipity" pure and simple. I have sewn much in my life, never very well , but always with good intentions and some outcomes that were better than others. While living overseas I made Easter clothes for my very young children which turned out very well....and I did some sewing for the ideas for sewing are HUGE, there is so much out there by way of home deor that I am falling under the needle's spell.......

I have become a "regular" at JoAnns.....don't hate me! But most of the time I just browse.....there are not alot of places to shop for fabric but that certainly is going to change...I am good at anticipating trends! Just last week I had to buy this lovely little book by Cath is she amazing or what?

Take a peek inside to whet your whistle....some pretty awesome ideas on vintage fabric re-usage!
More stellar ideas! I need to stop the blogging and get to creating!
Then, about a week ago I found this gem and had to bring it home with me for more inspiration!

After a bit more peeking, you may decide you have to have these books too...well try first, they are a great source of "used" and new books at tremendous discounts. Postage is steep, but when you pay pennies for the book, you can splurge on the postage, right? I am starting with lounging pj bottoms, which I LOVE wearing....flannel is so cozy and there are so many choices in prints and so I am making a couple of pairs just to warm up my sewing skills. I will let you know how it goes! I want to make tons of other stuff....easy stuff....not suits or lined jackets or cowboy shirts...I have a dear friend who does all that and it just wears me out. I want fast, easy, cheap and adorable and I want it fast (did I mention that already?)




Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So here's the deal.....don't ever have "blog buddies" who live close enough to drop into your home and notice you have been very bad!!!!

Floretta is just one of those kinda, I have to confess and come "clean"

I bought this....

remember when I said I resisted temptation? Well, I went back a week later and caved...big time cuz I also bought this............

So, as you can see....I was very bad....and of course Floretta could you miss an aligator with a heart in his mouth and a king kong cupcake????? with sprinkles, no less.

What else can I say except, they sure are cute!!!

I have gotten out some of my springie things just because our weather is now in the mid, my back porch door is wide open and the fresh breezes are blowing, it is great, but you will see, the leaves are still not budding, altho if this weather continues we are probably going to get some early blooms....daffs are up and beginning to bloom as well as the kwanza cherry trees (really pretty).

This is a "love" sign I made all myself! Maybe it will show up better if you click on the photo for a larger view????

Part of our parlor

A cupboard in our great room

A closeup of the top, looks nice....

Our entryway

So, that's a bit of what is going on here at my place on Arrowhead Way.....

Our power went off and so will "save" this post and log off as I am using up battery power right now...don't know why the power is off.....




Friday, February 1, 2008

Mustang Sally

Hello everyone,

Sally is a sweet friend that I met through another friend while they were taking my tea classes way back when I had a tea shop (you can read about that tea shop back in some of my first blog posts). She came to the classes faithfully each month, always pleasant, always participating and so friendly and supportive! She also helped serve tea to the huge crowds at the Mother's Day tea at the Mall....I mean, we had over 400 at the last one! Anyway, our mutual friend Debbie took Sally out for her birthday lunch and celebration and surprised Sally with a 2 hr. loan of a brand new MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE! A dream of Sally's for many years...won't tell you how old Sally turned on her birthday......they dropped by my house for a cup of tea and for me to see the car!
Here's a photo of the table for her little tea. Happy Birthday Sally!





Eat your heart....out! I got inspiration from Country Living Magazine, the grands had a ball decorating these cupcakes.

Finished products

These were not easy to figure out how to transport home, but, all is well, they are ready to go!

My daughter Sarah is homeschooling her 3 children this semester. I try to do some fun thing with them once a week. Today they came for chili and a Valentine craft-a-thon. They are all very creative. I love doing it, but must admit I get a bit tense with a mess, that and these kids can find the most expensive items in my craft basket and use them all up.....leaving the cute $1 items behind.....I know, I know, I need to lighten up, right. I did...kind of. Most of the stuff was kind of Zion was left out, but soon we made him a great sign for his room and he made his cousin Woody a great valentine, so he was happy.

OH, that is a cool butterfly he made for his mom's kitchen too!
It was raining cats and dogs when they arrived, but by the time they left, it had turned sunny with clear blue "carolina sky". Gotta love it. I have been making a few things myself and will have some photos to post shortly.