Friday, May 13, 2011

Scenes from Lake Woe-beGone

Hello friends,

Paul and I are very fortunate to share some "hobbies". We love Christmas celebrations and all that entails and we love to camp and travel, we love NYC and we love our family and we love the Lord! (not necessairily in that order.....) Camping for us has become a bit of an in, let's have the coolest set-up in the entire park! Not really, but we do enjoy all the creature comforts that we can haul out here....and do we haul! Since we are tenting it, there are alot of extras we manage to bring....porta-john (a must), 2 room bath house, very large screen room with neat stuff(video coming soon....) cabin tent, lots of astro-turf carpet, and on and on....we work very hard to get set up, and you may ask yourself why?

#1 because we still can!!!

#2 because we really enjoy it

#3 because we can't afford a camper just yet

#4 because we don't want to just sit at home, this lake is soooo close and sooo lovely, well....we really can relax out here.

#5 because Paul would like to catch a fish he can gut, skin and bring to me to cook!

So, here are a couple of videos of Paul launching the canoe.....enjoy Oh, by the way, Blogger took forever to upload these very short videos....think I will try another venu next time around, but hope you get a kick out of seeing Paul in action!

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