Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June is just beginning

Hello friends,

I am using a new-to-me software from windows and I have no idea how it will work out….but, if I can figure it out, it should make blogging a whole lot more exciting and easier. Nothing ventured….right? and it is free, so what is not to like???

kitchen and camp 020 (640x480)

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We brought Zion out to camp with us this first week in June. Above: Z sleeps real cozy in the tent!

kitchen and camp 021 (640x480)

Here’s a shot of Zion’s new bike!

kitchen and camp 022

Paul loads up the red truck to take the first load back to our storage unit.

kitchen and camp 023 (640x480)

Here’s what it looks like from the rear!

kitchen and camp 024 (480x640)

Chilin with the psp

kitchen and camp 025 (640x480)

loading up the W too

kitchen and camp 026 (640x480)

Here’s Paul’s new Cruiser…it’s a beaute

kitchen and camp 027 (640x480)

camping with us is a MAJOR production

kitchen and camp 028 (640x480)

kitchen and camp 029 (640x480)

we do have a lot of fun….

kitchen and camp 030 (640x480)

lots and lots of smiles

kitchen and camp 031 (480x640)

In June, the garden flowers are breath-taking

kitchen and camp 032 (480x640)

The deer eat my roses, but somehow, a few escape

kitchen and camp 033 (480x640)

I love hydrangea…

kitchen and camp 034 (640x480)

Progress is made in the painting of the kitchen cabinets….they are looking fantastic!

kitchen and camp 035 (640x480)

kitchen and camp 036 (640x480)

We are getting a new stainless microwave (LG) installed soon

kitchen and camp 037 (640x480)

We will also be using this faux tin for backsplash and getting new countertops!

more to follow





Joyce Mineer said...

Ohhhh...beautiful kitchen reno!!! Looking lovely!! And oh so bright! My hydras are blooming beautifully, too!! Love them! Miss you oodles friend!

Cathy said...

thank you Joyce! Miss you too...thinking bunco at my house when kitchen is done! by Christmas I am thinking...hehehehe

claudja60 said...

LOVELY!!!! Much hard work I know....but oh! so worth it! Can't wait to see in person...Love to ALL
Claudia XXOO

claudja60 said...

LOVELY! So much hard work....but oh! so worth it! Can't wait to see in person...Love to ALL Claudja XXOO

claudja60 said...

LOVELY! Lots of hard work...but OH! so worth it! Love to ALL...
Claudja XXOO

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