Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still raining in NC

Hello all,
I did not get the Madsen bike...but that's ok. I bet they are expensive. Nie got the bike and she deserves it for sure with small children and surviving an airplane crash and all she has been through. Wow. She is quite an example of strength. Blogland is full of stories of courage and compassion and strength and I really enjoy being part of it all. There's lot of humor and knowledge and good ideas out there too for any and all who spend some time searching a bit using key words. Or, I hop from blog to blog...did I mention I think I might have a bit of a dependency issue going on here? Just finished reading JULIE/JULIA the book about the young woman (Julie) who decided to do every recipe in Julia Child's THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING VOL 1 in a year and blog about it....she then wrote this book which then was made into a movie soon to be released! Now, that is a fairytale. I enjoyed the book altho the author is totally irreverant and cusses a whole lot and her friends are pretty immoral and why did I say I liked the book???? I just did. Maybe because she is funny and an excellent writer. I can enjoy stuff without agreeing. She also says some stereotypical stuff about Republicans....which could be said about Democrats as well....but hey, it was her book. I am a bit tired of the cliches tho....they are lame. So, if you can read over the f word, don't mind hearing about women who don't mind having sex with married men and other such stuff...then you will enjoy the book, maybe. Am I recommending the book? With reservations. Will I see the movie? Sure.
Now, on the the TIME TRAVELERS' WIFE what a rare book it was....awesome in it's ability to make sense in the middle of "who's on first, what's on second and I don't know on third!" I mean, half the time I had no idea where the heck the guy was....but somehow it worked and I loved this book/story. How will they ever make this movie???? Am I going to the movie? You betcha!
What do you say?


Joyce Mineer said...

I REALLY want to see "Julie & Julia"! It's such a chick flick, I wouldn't even think of asking Michael to go with me! But us that sounds like a date; like lunch and a Saturday matinee! Let's think about planning it, okay?

Summer Kinard said...

I'm reading The Forgotten Garden right now. I love it so far. It's great when books really take you into another world so you can feel your way true.

Karen said...

Hey Cathy! I'm in for a movie!! See ya soon