Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wild Kingdom

This is our Sweet Bird

Red Tail Hawk! Awesome
This is another ....sweet bird!

Hello everyone,

This is the photo I wanted to share...right here in our very own backyard! He is sitting (could be a she?) on top of our empty of seed bird feeder pole. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him/her and I said, "Hold that pose!" and rushed over to my ever handy sony camera and snapped this pix! I think we have very active hawks in our neighborhood. Birds are so interesting to watch and even a casual "birder" like me, have moments of sheer and total pleasure as we happen upon something this wonderful, quite by accident! I remember one morning I was driving down a stretch of Cary Parkway just before a bridge over a greenway walk, kinda secludid and there, in the middle of the two-lane road was an eagle. He was tall enough to look me eye-to-eye as I drove very slowly past him and he did look me straight in the eye...I couldn't believe it, I felt like I was in some kind of nature movie or theme park, but no, I was on Cary Pkwy....other cars slowed down to pass him on the other lane, it was surreal. A moment to remember. Maybe my life hasen't been all that exciting, but I tell you, seeing that eagle up close like that is a memory I treasure.
Growing up, we had a series of pets, mostly found ones like strays or baby bunnies or squirrels. We did have a very nice parakeet named Auggie. He was a great fellow we all loved and he lived a great long time and so began my fondness for budgies. Paul and I love dogs and we have had a dog for most of our married life. After spending some time visiting my folks and their birds, I wanted birds again I bought Peep and RePeep. A great pair of parakeets....RePeep was with us for 4 years when suddenly he passed....poor Peep...she did miss him. So, my good friend and bird-lover Michelle found a bird in need of adoption. Enter Sweet Bird...well I have posted about him before, so 'nuff said. He is a Prince of a Parakeet. Thought that these two pix of birds would be quite interesting to share. Should of called this post "Birds of a feather" (now isn't that clever????)

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Karen said...

hey Cathy - cool birdie pics and thoughts! and yes, birds of prey seem so intelligent, don't they? see ya,k