Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Number 98

I pulled into the parking lot and found quite a few good spots. After parking and making sure I had my list, I headed for the door past a couple of friendly-looking ladies thanking me for coming out....when I pulled open the door, there were four friendly people, all intent upon....ME, I was the only one there, for a moment, then another "Cathy" walked up. Really, her name was Cathy too, how's that! After making sure I was who I said I was...all conducted in English, thankyouverymuch, I headed over to the kiosk, marked my ballot, fed it to the machine and realized that as of 1pm, I was number 98 voter for the entire day so far! I am so disapointed in YOU guys.
The good news is that the folks I voted for all won! The bad news is that so very few of the voters showed up. Can't think of another clever thing to say. So will say, God Bless America


Karen said...

Hey Cathy - ooohhh - you're fussing at me!! i let it slip...i'll do better next time, promise!

see ya in a couple of weeks, I hope...Karen

amanda said...

Cathy, thanks for the comment you left me. I considered just leaving the comment anonymously on cjanes page, but if I can't claim my beliefs with joy and no fear then God can deny me as well. And seeing that cjane actually wrote back made me a little nervous that I had started something. I do like her and her sister's blog, but that post just fed me up. Thanks for the encouragement, I have to say that God used your post to help me stand a little more firm. :) God bless you Cathy!