Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get out and Vote

Dear ones,
Today is an election day in counties all over the USA. Small beans in the scheme of things one might say...I mean, how important is a seat on the school board???? HOW IMPORTANT! V-E-R-Y. Can I say it more clearly? With this election we can send a message to congress, we not only don't agree with how you're running our country, we will DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We legally and morally have the authority to do this, so get your umbrella out and go vote (in the rain here in NC). Lots of good people have died so we can do this. Lots of good people sacrificed so we can do this. Lots of good people all over this world would love to be able to do this....we are blessed above all to have this liberty. Shame on all who decide to not participate. How dare you?

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