Sunday, February 6, 2011

Every day dishes

Happy Sunday friends,
Also, Happy 100th Bday, President Reagan....time flies, wow!
I think I have told you that I come from a family that shows love or, better said, their "love language" is food. We cook, and we cook good. We talk food, we talk recipes, we talk "what's for dinner? we talk and we cook and we eat and all this is done in love for those we are cooking for and remembering those who taught us and have passed. This food is a tie that binds us as family. I am not boasting when I admit that I am a good cook, it is a gift that was genetically given....I can take no credit. Sometimes I am a bit surprised at my abilities, but most of the time, I take it for granted. I cannot sing, dance, climb a rope, play an instrument, paint a picture or do higher math....but I can cook!!!
Maybe, after you understand my affection for cooking, you will understand why I also am attracted to china! Plates, bowls, cups, name it, I think I want it! Below is a picture of my "everyday" dish closet. My winter dishes are called Friendly Village...they are in browns and greens with a bit of soft red and winter/fall scenes....very old world looking and so pretty.
I have a spring set and a summer set as well...then of course I have my Christmas china...two sets....and a set of Lennox china that is art deco and more formal. Not all this china is a full 12 place service. Some I have more plates (16 for the Lennox Christmas set), just 8 in the art deco, but I have enough to set a nice table for just about any occasion! Oh, I have 3 sets of silverware...two stainless patterns and one silverplate that was my grandmother's and I treasure it, but use it regularly and remember her each time! I do not have any sterling, wish I did but I do believe it is way too expensive for me to obtain and I have lived a long time without it, so.....but I do admire sterling.
Linens.....well of course I love table cloths and cloth napkins, and table runners and all manner of decorative accessories......see where being a good cook leads??????

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Summer Kinard said...

I agree. We don't have quite so many dishes, but table linens - uf! I am always puzzled by people who have tons and tons of dishes and linens and so on but dislike cooking. To me serving food is part of cooking, the final step in the recipe. Thank you for this warming thought on a cheerfully sunny day!