Thursday, October 11, 2007


Good Thursday
I have skipped a few days of blogging and cannot believe how fast the days go....seems that blogging is like friendship or must be cultivated on a regular, almost daily, basis. I know that people have a way of slipping through our lives like sand in an open hand. Takes perseverance and patience to maintain relationships...even ones we just assume will last forever....don't. On one hand, we can work very hard perhaps to the point of being annoying, to keep connected, while the other person does long do we persist? Fortunately for you, I will keep on blogging, for a while at least, no matter what occurs. I am not depending on any kind of response, so will not be disapointed in the least!
THE WEATHER is glorious. Autumn has arrived in NC and the change is dramatic. We are all breathing a sigh. Bright sun, cool temps, turning leaves...hooray!
I am off to walk my friend Fiona.

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