Sunday, October 7, 2007


Izabella's pumpkin
Zion is looking at a whole lot of pumpkin seeds

Jazmine wants a spooky pumpkin

Up close

Papa carved their pumpkins

Hello everyone!
We had our grands over for a fun Saturday....picked out pumpkins, went to see The Simpson's Movie, carved pumpkins, ate spaghetti, had a great time! Jazmine is 12, Izabella (Izzy) is 10, and Zion is 6. Their folks were going to be gone for the evening, so we were very happy to have the kids for fun!
I am not a huge fan of evil stuff, but I do enjoy pumpkins and all that autumn evokes....trick or treat used to be a great way to get bought a mask, maybe, or just used your mom's makeup, and hit the big deal....but now, it is quite the event and home made costumes are kinda out. I have enjoyed decorating (tastefully, mind you) for fall...I will post some more photos of pumpkins and such at my house. The grands took their jack-o-lanterns home with them, so my dh says we need to get some of our own, I think he enjoyed the carving!
I will close for now, but will post again with house decor photos! check here
to see some of my slide shows on phanfare, they are fun!

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