Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Appointment

Good Thursday one and all....
I would have a nice photo of my "Boo-do" but left my digital camera at Mary D's home (site of the DAR tea) and have to pick it up sometime today! Also took a couple of nice shots of the lovely tea table Mary and her friend Connie worked on so very hard! Just beautiful!
Today I have another appointment...with my attorney! He is a very serious fellow. I like that. I am not serious. He coined the phrase "tough-talk" which I have to remember sometimes when I am dealing with some folks who tend to ride rough-shod over me..... I tend to keep my true thoughts to myself in favor of getting along and really carry alot of, at least in my business dealings, I am learning to be much more outspoken in my dealings with folks. It is not rude or unpleasant to state very plainly the parameters of your world...! If you charge a certain amount for speaking, you should say so without apologies, if you charge for travel or expenses, you should not feel you are being trivial. A service is very difficult to put monetary value to, but an item, well, that is fairly easy! Since I now make money by either public speaking or consulting, I must be very precise when negotiating with a future client. I love public speaking and consulting is always actually fun...some folks pay me, listen to me, then ignore everything I say and do it their own way! So be it, they have paid me and it is a free country! I need to write a book of some sort which will validate me, I believe.....hmmmmmmmmmm. Easier said than done. After several visits with my friend Elizabeth, who is a famous author and speaker....I know that book -writing is at best a very difficult task and those who are successful are truly gifted and talented folks. She is among those!
On a lighter note, I will be heading out to my daughter's home before seeing the attorney. I have some sugar cookie dough, icing, and tons of heart cookie cutters and lots of colored sugars and sprinkels to make some outta sight Valentine cookies...a bit early, but hey, they will taste great and we can always use a little love, right?
Will pick up my camera and hopefully have a few photos to share next post. Hope your Thursday is filled with a little love too!

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