Monday, January 7, 2008

Are you out there????

Hello everyone,
Having said that, I sound rather optimistic, don't I? Is anyone out there????
Into the second week of the new year already! Time flies??? We, in NC, are back to 70 degree weather once again, lovely and scarry at the same time. Took my pal Fiona to the park for a wonderful walk...tons of tots and moms out enjoying the warmth. Tomorrow promises to be a repeat, only a bit warmer!
I am speaking to some lovely DAR ladies tomorrow night on Tea in American History. Should be very enjoyable, will let you know! I love to talk, as you are well aware by now, and so having the "stage" will be fun for me at least. My goal is to make it educational and enjoyable for those in front of me. We will be having a lovely dessert tea after my talk, so looking forward to the evening. Getting a "Boo-do" tomorrow morning. My hairdresser for the past 10 years has been Ms Beverly Booe and she is the best! Makes me look all of just maybe 55 (kidding here)...but she does do a mean haircut and I am in dire need, so off I go.
If you do check in with me occasionally, please leave a comment so I know you are there, thanks


Karen said...

Okay, you need to post a picture of a "Boo-do". I have all kinds of interesting pictures running through my head.

Enjoy your tea talk!

Joyce Mineer said...
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Joyce Mineer said...

Is "Booe" her married name? Just curious...'cause you do have options with that. I worked with a beautiful, young, single woman once named Melissa Boob - yep, that's right..."Miss Boob". Could you imagine? Can't wait to see the "do" - yeah, post pictures! And the "spikier" the better!