Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crop Update and more

Good Tuesday morning friends,
Here is Paul taking a look at the "crops"....well, that was about two weeks ago and I can't begin to tell you how much this stuff has grown! I need another update very soon. The tomatoes are literally over the top of the cages, the zuchini and squash are vining everywhere, the cucumbers are attaching to anything...the onions, the tomato cages, the other plants....we have tons of blooms on everything...still only one tomato on the betterboys and nothing on the German Johnson's...have about 5 roma tomatoes set....so looks like July is going to be harvest time! It is exciting to watch, altho I remember the old addage: "A watched pot never boils" and I believe it to be true of our crops, so I try to refrain from twice daily trips to view the bounty, or at least the hope of a bounty!
Summer is a great time for relaxing, or for plans of travel, or for picinics. We are so fortunate to live so close to both beach and mountains but we must make plans for trips or we would be in mid-September and realize we had not see the ocean that whole summer. Can you imagine living this close to the Atlantic and not visiting? I also would dearly love to make a trip to Gettysburg, PA for the 4th of July. We are planning a trip to the mountains for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games this year. It is a great day! We will camp.
I am also planning a trip to NYC in a couple of weeks for the Fancy Food Show! Ah, what fun that will be in my most favorite city on earth! I do love New York. This is a bit of a working trip as I am going to help a friend who is opening a tea room and we are scouting for that purpose. Marian has not been to the city for a very long time, so I am the "guide". Now, I have not been for over 3 years....but I am an optimist and feel confident of my city skills....(we will see how we fare). We are arriving on Sat. morning and have matinee tickets for Wicked...so great! Will have time with city friends Elizabeth and Kirsten and also do some site seeing if Marian wants. I can go to the Met over and over again....We'll do some great dining and of course eat our fill during the Fancy FS....so all in all, it should be one fabulous weekend.
I feel a bit guilty as I will be leaving Paul behind...he is having foot surgery on this Friday.
So, summer is beginning to fill up, which is how I like it.
Sunday I am invited to attend the Victorian Ladies Tea Society's Daisy Tea. Sounds lovely. Will let you know how that turns out.

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Chaya Bluma said...

Beautiful crops! You won't have to worry about buying contaminated tomatoes. Enjoy your Victorian Ladies tea. Sounds like a lot of fun!