Monday, June 9, 2008

Crop Update

Good Monday morning friends,
This is a "baby picture" of our first tomato, hope we have many more to come...there's lots of blooms. Remember, we are doing the square foot garden this far all is going very well. Everything except the carrots...don't know what happened to them...but everything else is going great. Our weather has been very hot...the rain barrel has been doing it's work with watering from it every other day. The heat, coupled with high humidity has made for really uncomfortable weather. Paul and I have been up and out walking by 6am the past two days...we are doing 2 miles and it is getting quite hot by the time we head home.
Tomorrow is the last day of school here in the Raleigh/Wake county area. Woody moves into High School next year....Izabella into middle school, B, Cammi, Jazmine and Zion stay in their same schools....Olivia has one more year of Sophia is just turning 3. All tots are growing up fast...time flies too fast for this Nana.
It has been a week since I returned from the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. Lots and lots of happenings. A great trip tho.
Stay cool,

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