Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harvest time!

Hello friends,

Meet our first English cucumber and behind him are two zuchini! They are smallish, but perfect and I just had to pick them...I believe we have a raccoon who has discovered our little bit of summer squash have been disappearing....also we have deer....but I got these guys YEA!!!!

Today was a hot day, but we had heavy rain including some hail. We needed a good rain...not hail tho.

My dh had a bunyon-echtomy Friday. He sailed thru until about 9pm tonight....then the meds wore off and he was hurting...time for more meds and now he is much more comfortable, thank goodness. I have been playing Nurse Betty trying to keep him comfy and lots of juice, 7up and whatever....He is a good patient.

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