Monday, October 13, 2008

A Tea Party!

Good Monday morning friends!
This past Saturday my Daughter-in-law Jacki and I gave a baby shower tea for our friend Carolyn who is due to have her baby on Oct. 31! To celebrate this new addition to the family we invited friends for tea, of course! The colors we chose to use were soft green and violet as the gender of new baby is unknown to us.

Made these cute little cupcake flags from Tracey's kit you can click on the photo for a closer look.

Jacki is a tea party champ, she knows how to entertain in style!

Our "Hello Baby" banner and the tea trays ready to serve!

I made this vintage banner for Carolyn, that's Linda filling the cups with "mock" Devon cream and jam for the scones!

Here's another shot of the food...that's scones on the bottom, savories in the middle and sweets on top!

Here's how the table looked. A huge table seated 14!

Carolyn and Jacki

Below is a phot of another tea party event! I was fortunate to be invited to tea with these ladies last week. We had tea at Lady Bedford's Tea Parlour in Pinehurst, NC....wonderful!

After tea, we remembered to get a photo to remember the wonderful event and the good time we all had that afternoon. A very special thanks to Pat for treating us all to a very fine tea party!
Now, today I have a busy schedule...since I have been "waiting" for several things to happen and two at least have happened...I can begin to make other lists of things I need to accomplish!
1) I did not get my proposal accepted for the World Tea Expo, so that is now behind me. I admit at first I felt rejection...but that is silly, they have their reasons for choosing and while I know my proposal was perfectly acceptable, for their reasons they did not choose it, not because they don't like I am over it!
2) My pain issues are lessening, while not gone, I am getting better little by little and for that I am extremely thankful. I go back out to my booth at the Brew 'n Browse and add more stuff! I will pick up a box of tea items from Jacki and also drop off some things for the Goodwill (Paul and I did a big closet clean-out over the weekend and have nice organized clean closets!)
I will take back to KMart a Martha Stewart bed spread I bought on sale for $24, since I purchased the same one marked down to $10 this weekend! Hooray!!!
Oh, slowly but surely, the elves at KMart are putting out the "Martha" Christmas decor....As you know, this is when I become almost a stalker at KMart. I go in every day and check to see what is out, what is new, etc, etc. I have been known to check out three or four KMarts in our area in a day....oh, I am so bad...and I am going to War Eagle THIS WEEK!!! SO, I need to be very good and not spend any $$$$
Oh, and this is my week to do a tea with the Lord!!! Wedgwood, that is.... Tea is on Thursday and then I fly out to Arkansas right after that! busy busy week. I will get photos this time!!!!

Saturday was a competition for Woody's marching band and we attended with our daughter Amy. They won Grand Champion of the competition "Rumble in the Jungle". Here's a photo of Woody and his mom.

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