Monday, October 6, 2008


Good Monday morning friends,
Well...I am waiting to "hear" from anyone regarding SOS...
I am waiting to hear from the Tea Expo regarding a speaking proposal I submitted. We were to hear by the end of Sept. as to who was selected. I received a nice email on the 30th stating they were overwhelmed with applications and they would get back to us with their selections by Friday, no later than Monday...well Friday has passed and it is Monday and still no word.
I am waiting to feel better....on Thursday I had a crown replaced and two fillings redone which may seem to you like not a big deal, and it wasen't actually except that I have TMJ and all those pain shots and having my mouth open for so long triggers a mega-attack on the muscles and nerves in my jaw and they have been giving me alot of problems ever since. I am not a good pill taker, but have been shoving pills down at an alarming rate to try to get some comfort. Last night I took the $28.88 pill, a muscle relaxer...which threw me into finally beginning to focus and it is noon! I have taken oxycodone, and lodine too. The longest relief I have had is 4 hours and I am getting a bit tired of this...Yesterday I took 3 advil and got some relief so I was hoping things were beginning to get better...not so. Pain is a pain in the neck...or head...literally! I do not function well, sorry.
My weekend was lost to this mess, and so far my Monday is as well. I will call my dentist and inquire as to what we should do next???

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