Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am back from "the War".....
What a great time once again down in Arkansas with all the ladies shopping! My mission was to find "the" hat! Well, I found two, wonderful, cool, classy, cute, very 20s hats, so I felt I achieved success. I also found a cute bird house, a neat button pin and earrings, a Christmas angel, a snowflake and a tiny pink pig, a wonderful pin cushion (which I think I have hoo), sugar scrub, old very very old sheet music (as in 1904) and a tie-dye t shirt and a lovely mantle scarf....oh, I think that is about it. OH, a Sarah Palin T shirt too. We laughed and ate and had an all-round great time, wish you were there! Maybe next year............
Now, back to the real world. Today I go back to the dentist for my permanent crown, sure hope it is a short visit. My tmj was really awful this time, but thank goodness, no huge pain for a week now....yea!
Getting ready for a Christmas open house at the shop where my booth is located. That will be Nov. 6. Am trying to talk the dh into a road trip to KC for Thanksgiving again this year....we will take the dog this time! Also hoping to get to NYC before Christmas to help a friend celebrate a big birthday! So, I have a whole lot of persuading to do..................................yikes
I have a neat slide show on phanfare, check it out...

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