Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh My! it is November!

Hello dear friends and family! I have "Chris-ma-tized" my little booth at the Brew and Browse...for the Christmas Open house just this past Thursday! Busy busy time....I created a "theme" (My dh asked me, "Why a theme??? Your booth is just 3ft. square!" ) He is so right, but I do love to have some kind of structure to my, the "theme" is: BEGIN A TRADITION....CREATE A MEMORY.
You can see here that the space is very limited, Miss Eula always looks ready to party!

My little tree filled with Bonne Motes. They were fun to make, hope someone buys them!

Oh, here's is a nice cloudy skyline of my home town...Kansas City, Missouri. After War Eagle, my sister and I headed to KC where she lives. My folks live there also. I had just Monday to do some "KC STUFF"

I was able to visit the new Nell Hill's store...breathtaking.....over-the-top!!! Must see for any and all in the KC area.

Of course we had to have Bar-B-Q and this place was the "Nell Hill's" of bar-b-q!!!

Need I say more???

Now, I am back in NC and enjoying our annual Cary Band Day. The above is a photo of our Grandson's marching band. It was a beautiful day in the 70s, full sun no clouds. wow, the 50th anniversary band day for Cary, NC!

As you can see the colors of the trees are at their peak too.

This is Woody's band again.

We are proud band boosters.

Oh, and here is our youngest grandson Zion, as a sloth! What a great program his class presented this week too. Am I blessed or what???
So, this gives you a bit of an idea about where I have been and what I have been doing. Also got my annual mammogram. all's well on that "front". Not a whole lot of big news here other than, oh, the results of the election. Congratulations to all....and I am glad it is over. I sometimes think that I can make a difference, but am fairly cynical when it comes to politics, so the intensity of the past two years just wore me out. Let's get on with it!

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Summer Kinard said...

I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!