Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of 2009

Hello....I couldn't resist at least saying hello on this very first day of the New Year! I have been silent, I know. Sorry. You have not missed much, honestly.
November....KC for Tgiving
December....NYC with 3 grands and middle daughter for a very quick 2 and one half days in "the city"
December....Christmas with our family at our home for Christmas morning then to the Matt Smallwood's for dinner and games that evening.
December....A lovely long weekend in Little River, SC with Matt, Jacki and girls at their new beach house!
December...New Years eve at home, just us two.
So, that catches you up.

Here's a little "treat" for you to enjoy. One day I spent a delightful couple of hours building a gingerbread house with my two youngest granddaughters: Olivia (4) and Sophia (3), they had just had their Christmas program at preschool, which I had attended, and so were full of song and showmanship!

Happy New Year one and all!





Joyce Mineer said...

You're there, you're there!!! (I'm a FINE one to blog's been a bit, well dead, lately, too! This M-F working thing gets in the way of my blogging time - ha!). Have thoroughly enjoyed the pics through phanfare! Miss you terribly and can't wait to see you sometime soon (?). Also, what can you tell me about the book "My Side of the Mountain"?...

Amanda Chamberlain said...

I'm so glad you are back in the bloggy world! Happy New Year, Cathy!