Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello everyone,

Let's see...my life...well....um.....not exciting. Shall I bore you....? Perhaps!

I love that word....Perhaps.....opens up a whole lot of options, right?

Well, the big news is I voluntarily opted for the "Senior" price on my movie ticket last Friday night....($9 for a regular ticket, $6.50 for Senior) to save $2.50, no problem....except the guy in the booth didn't even blink....guess I LOOK 60 (or over.....) See what I mean about my life???

I know I am in denial.

Oh, then I took our friend Fiona to "her" park for a walk and shot 65 pictures....of Fiona walking in her park....get my drift??? I think I will do a documentary and set it to music too.....

Finally get over to the Brew and Browse to "check" on my booth there...had not been since Dec. first, so knew I had to de-Christmas the spot and fluff it up for Valentine's Day....which I did. I still owed $ for booth rental which means I didn't sell enough to cover that expense.....so....now you know....I think I am an Old, Boring Failure. OBF


Summer Kinard said...

Well, we need to have tea, then, so you can share your wisdom and feel less failuresque. I think everyone who cares about others feels herself boring from time to time. But that doesn't mean it's true. And anyway, Fiona is a photogenic dog. My sister took like ten pictures of grass once.

Hope you are getting on well enough in your dotage that we can still have tea soon.

Love ya!

Cathy said...

Dear dear sweet Summer,
Pick a date....my dance card is wide open....would love to see you and meet Sir Pip. Should I bring some tea???
Love ya back,

Joyce Mineer said...

My sweet buddy... OBF? Old, boring failure? Paaaaalllleeaasssee!! I wish I could be MORE like you! Quick-witted, an expanse of knowledge in so many things, FUNNY beyond words, a fine Christian example. Oh, don't sell yourself short my friend. You rock (just ask your buds...and Woody...). And like you with Fiona and Summer's sister with the grass, if you checked my memory stick you'd find more than 300 pictures of my stinkin' CATS! Isn't life wonderful?? Snap a shot - or a hundred - of whatever makes you smile...that's what I say!

And if you're available, I'd love to meet you in Apex at Panera or Borders for tea (coffee) and a muffin...let me know. 9:00 AM's not too early for me.

Amanda Chamberlain said...

There is absolutely nothing boring about you, Cathy Smallwood! I could talk to you for hours and hours. Come over and chat anytime!