Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We had some snow!

This is "today", Tuesday...note the beautiful blue sky? Note that the snow is almost gone...

This is our snow of Monday, really heavy, wet and beautiful

A holly bush covered in our March snowfall...wish you could see how hard it was snowing

Our daughter Amy stopped by and waited for her office to open

The redbud tree through the screen porch...it was already getting buds, wonder what will happen as it is usually so very pretty

An internet purchase....cupcake toppers, but way too pretty to use for that purpose, don't have the foggiest idea what I will do with these pretties, but I know they will come in handy. They came in the lovely doiley envelope wrapped in tissue and tied with a pink satin ribbon, how very lovely.

Happy Tuesday everyone,

This has been another day of hibernation for me....been getting on board with a program thru this fellow .

We purchased his software and now I am plugging in all the info, it is incredible...but a bit time-consuming and overwhelming at first.

IKEA just opened late February in Charlotte....not too very far from where I live...ok, 2 and a half hour drive....but hey, that is not that far to travel....our closest IKEA was DC area and that is a good 4 hours drive, so this is an improvement. I am itching for a road trip.....but with my committment to our finances...well, maybe a road trip is not a good idea. It is so painful to change your habits....self-control is an acquired attribute. We humans are more into self-gratification...oh, we can label it alot of other names....but boil it down, its all the same: we want what we want when we want it. (oh I do hate to end a sentence with a preposition....). I am in the process of changing some hard core habits of mine and will try to tackle them with God's help one day at a time. Phil4:13, Romans 12:2 and Phil2:5 are giving me support, you'd think I was on heroin or something....it is just food and money, we all need both, but some of us handle them better than I do and anyway, I need a change, it is good for me. I find that these two...food/money are very inter-related and principles I am applying in one area really do apply for the other, so it makes it a bit easier as I am getting two for one....in some ways.
I will keep you posted on the red bud, he sure is a pretty fellow and I hope this snow did not harm him....

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Joyce Mineer said...

Beautiful photogs of the snow, Cathy! It really was pretty wasn't it? But I'm ready for Saturday and 74 degrees thank-you-very-much! My windows desperately need to be opened and the house aired out! Stuffy, stuffy, stuffy!!!

BTW...(just say the word and I'm in the car with you heading to IKEA - we don't have to tell anyone where we've been!)