Saturday, February 28, 2009

Springtime hits the Brew & Browse

We have tons of vintage china to pick and choose from to create a lovely tea table

Lots of different ways to make the perfect cup of tea...not to mention many other goodies

Bunnies and chicks, a sure sign that spring is in the air!
(you can click on any photo for a close-up)

Lots of lovelies

I worked pretty hard on this little booth

Miss Eula is peeking thru to say "Hey Goodlookin' "

Happy Saturday friends,
I have been spending lots of time prepping for the new look at the booth at the Brew & Browse and this past Monday and Tuesday I worked hard to create a little masterpiece of "WOW". I sure hope it does the trick and stuff just flies off the shelves....Someone (who could be so evil?) actually pulled off Miss Eula's eyelashes!!! So I have her "behind glass" and hope she will be safe! They are a rough crowd out in Fuquay.....
The weather is very dark and rainy here in NC, that's ok with me, I had no big plans and so my dh and I stayed in all day doing house-type stuff and eating good, sensible food! I go to see my sweet little Dr. Zhang this month and hope to have a good report from her...she is ever famous for telling me once..."You not dead yet!" and the ever popular, "It's YOUR body" keeps me a tried and true patient of this good Dr. At the ripe old age of 60 you tend to think that your number is up at almost any sign of aging....or not, I mean a cough, or a bump and you think....awful stuff. I thought my red face was roseacia...but in fact, it was a day in the sun last St. Patrick's day....*whew* I really do think we boomers need to get a group going so we can compare notes and situations and suggestions....I mean there's a "What to expect when you're expecting", a "Your One Year Old, and on thru your teenager", why not a "What to expect as you're aging"...???? I mean, what is after menopause? Do you take SS at 62, or hold out to 66,67,68???? Sell your house and go on a cruise, stay put and just be happy to have a roof over your head. Count on your kids///don't count??? Tons of issues way too numerous to mention and that's the problem, we don't mention. I read blogs daily discussing pros and cons of budgeting working versus stay at home moms, food co ops, homeschooling versus public versus private schools, vacation planning with toddlers....oh there is a wealth of good fun info out there if you are YOUNG and raising a family.......hey, what about US??? I guess there is no fun left? Well, if there is we better hurry up and find it and while we are at it, let's share with others......PLEASE. I do not want to be an AARP--NO WAY, but I do believe there are many good days/years ahead....let's talk about them you empty nesters out there, got an questions? or answers or advice?????

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Carrie Anne said...


Your booth looks beautiful!! Hope all is well!


PS - Sorry to see you're parting with your little yixing. No pu erh??