Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making a List!

Good Wednesday friends and family...(not that my family is not "friends"...)
We, Paul and I, have a dream/goal. A dream is something that your heart desires...a goal is the end of a process in which you obtain your dream. Is that clear? Maybe not. Well, a dream is something out there...a goal at the END OF A LIST OF "TO-DOS". One dream was to be debt-free and live on our AF retirement (check!). Another dream is to save all Paul's regular paycheck (check!). And the big dream is to head out to visit every single state in the lower 48 and include perhaps a side trip to Canada a couple of times and perhaps Mexico too...anyhow...a longgggggggggg road trip of at least a year, THEN, head to Europe and spend at least 6 months in Great Britian and the, here's where the list comes in....
1) get some things fixed up on our house to get ready to sell in January 2010.
a. get yard in shape
b. get ceilings repaired and painted
c. power-wash
d. new counter-tops in kitchen (maybe a new sink???)
2) begin packing/sorting/tossing our belongings with an eye on a long term storage situation. Ask ourselves, "is this something that we will be glad to see 2 years from now?"
3) make long range medical plans
a. Dr. appointments and a full year's worth of prescriptions
b. Dental procedures...and regular appointments
c. Eye exams and new glasses
d. Fiona's shots and such...
4) Make final decision on travel trailer to purchase...think Casita is our choice!
5) Buy Blackberries or IPhones, don't know which...
6) New laptop?
7) Flip thingy for videos
8) Begin a new blog for this adventure
9) Continue to live life normally as we have no idea when the house will actually sell since we have never been able to sell it before!!!

That's the list. That's the plan. That's our dream/goal
So far, we have 3 books on road trips and a nice gps, it's a beginning

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Karen said...

Hey Cathy!! I'm excited for you already! This is my kind of dream/goal - although mine is on a sailboat....I can't wait to see the new blog - don't wait until you're already on the road -- be sure to start it as you make preparations to "let go". See ya Tuesday at book club. K