Monday, December 27, 2010


Beautiful SNOW
Jazmine's concert

Day trip to Biltmore

Thanksgiving at our daughter Amy's

Christmas Morning 2010
Our stockings are grocery bags and this year I got star balloons and wrote everyone's name on them....they turned out so cute!

Chesson Family

The Robinsons


So we are inbetween Christmas (Merry) and New Years (Happy), this is a good place to be...between merry and happy! hope you are both!

I "think" I might be able to uploard a couple of photos...we had a wonderful open house with tons of friends and family....did I take a picture???? nope

We had a wonderful Holiday season. 1)Thanksgiving at our daughter Amy's

2)Wonderful day-trip to Biltmore

3) Jazmine's winter concert

4) Christmas Bunco

5) Woody's concert

6) Our open house

7) Christmas eve day shopping, lunch and church at Hope

8) Christmas Day with family


Of course I cannot put the photos in order, but you get the idea....lots of good food, good fun, good memories.
Now, I have to figure out what we are going to do with all this "stuff" since we are not going on the road....157 boxes in storage is alot of UNPACKING!!!

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