Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, let's get it over with. Yes, I have been awol for a long while. Yes, I have been avoiding you. And NO, it is not your fault, you did nothing wrong and I am not mad....really.
1) I forgot my password and it was a hassle to get into my account....
2) I was bummed over not selling our home
3) I had nothing very interesting, informative or even remotely funny to share.
4) Big, boring changes going on that have to do with getting old, being old and living old.
5) Everybody else's blog seemed much "cooler" than mine and far more captivating
6) I was bored
7) I lost my direction
8) I also lost focus
9) I had put my life on hold and could not get the button that said "forward" to work
10) No
SO.....what's changed????
Well, since the house didn't sell and it looks like that will not be happening in the next few years....come on economy.....we have decided to dig in, do some upgrades that WE have wanted to do ourselves anyway and stick around here for a while....hey, this is a great place to live. We love our home, our kids, our church, our friends, our neighbors. We are so blessed, so staying here is no sacrifice.
Enough about me, how are you?
Here's hoping I will be better blogging in 2011


Summer Skeeter said...

So glad you are back to blogging! I miss taking tea with you. Sorry we won't see you at the open house but we bought those Nutcracker tickets ages ago.

We have a baby girl whom you might have seen on the pip and pemberley poppers blog.

I always like to hear whatever you have to say!

Joyce Mineer said...

Ask me how glad I am to see a recent post from you!!! Go ahead, ask me!! And I understand COMPLETELY about getting off course - I do it frequently. But as long as we prevail and continue to move forward, all will be well. And, selfishly I admit it, I am SO glad you and Paul will be hanging out here for world and my heart would have had a big, gaping hole without you...I do love you my friend - I so do...

Cathy said...

ditto...thank you dear Joyce!