Friday, December 17, 2010

New Stuff

Hi all,
Since last I blogged on a regular basis I have acquired a new computer....HP netbook (xoxoxo) a new camera....and a new gadget called a Flip video recorder....they are great, but I am technically challenged as to how to integrate these into use with this new computer! Let me tell you, I have some awesome photos of our Chrismatized home....wish I could share....and I want to share a tour of Sarah and Eric's cozy cottage all finished and looking oh so charming...hopefully, they will be available in the near future.
So I am getting ready for a big open house here on the 23rd....should be tons of fun and I love to feed friends, so I am in my element. I have some vegetarian buddies and want to make sure I have enough meatless tasties to make them feel all warm and happy....not to mention all those carnivores in my acquaintance. Tomorrow is our daughter Amy's birthday and we have a surprise road trip planned.....more after the event!
Blog without photos = boring....sorry.

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