Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ah April

Hello friends, I love this time of year because everything in the yard is looking so great. Little or no weeds, no bugs, lots of rain so everything is green and lots of beautiful color. I took an idea from a local nursery and lined most of my flower boxes with burlap! love the look and it really is quite practicle and a whole lot cheaper than those other liners. Below is my kitchen herb box. I planted from left to right: cilantro, a basil that died because of a surprise frost so is not there now, but will be replaced, a rosemary and a creeping thyme.... Here's a windowbox in front of our great room window. It has cool weather plants right now and will definately be replanted by the end of May as it gets full sun and with the window behind it is very very hot there....but for now, oh my, love the look, don't you?
Here's a close up shot. Stock, riniculas and can't think of the name of the blue flowers on the ends or the chartreuse plant in the front....those will both stay as they are good in hot weather!
Well, it was a cloudy day today and so my shot of the lilac bushes did not turn out well, but you know, they say lilacs won't grow in the Carolinas..but ours did! they are just gorgeous and that is a wonderful little dogwood growing in front!
If you click on the above photo you will be able to see the lilacs a lot better!
Here's my master gardner! Paul is such a wonderful co-worker. He is the muscle in our team! We have owned our home for 23 years and are the only owners so everything in our yard was planted by us (expect for a couple of wonderful "volunteers" planted by God with the help of some little birds) It is so satisfying to live somewhere long enough to see the fruit of your labor and to enjoy it so much. We are content on Arrowhead Way.





Janna lewis said...

Love the change in season, such a great opportunity for personal change also.

Joyce Mineer said...

Happy Spring, my friend! Always enjoy keeping up with you here! And I, too, have a healthy, yearly-blooming lilac bush! Who says love don't grown in Carolina???

Cathy said...

Janna, yep, spring cleaning on many levels...
Joyce, did you plant or inherit the lilac? Don't they smell heavenly?