Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching up part 2: NEW FRIDGE!

Hello friends, Well, I tried to re do these photos, but no, here, in the wrong order are photos of our new refrigerator! I wanted an ice here it is! Here's a shot of both doors open! LOVE IT

Here's a photo of one of the features that sold me on the LG...the base pulls out so you can fit a pitcher or the coffee maker's pot on it and fill it right under the tap for the filtered water! It is sooooooo cool! Here's the sweet fridge. We are very happy
Now, we have plans to get a new microwave and paint the kitchen cabinets and then get some new counter tops. All on the agenda.....oh, and sometime we will be getting the washer and dryer, gotta bit more saving to do.





Joyce Mineer said...

So very happy for you!!! I know you've been longing for an ice maker for some time now! Dreams really do come true!! Miss you much, love you more! Let's get together soon, ok?!

Cathy said...

yes are the busy lady so pick a day and time! Hugs to you dear friend.