Monday, April 11, 2011

Catching up part 1: The Sale

Hello friends, So, this is what my great room looked like the first morning of the big Tea Pot/Tea Cup sale about a month ago. I had gotten very serious about weeding out my tea accoutremont. Many items were very difficult to part with, but I knew I had to be strong and determined! I also decided that my first goal was good homes for all this great stuff, so to that end, I had two options for pricing. #1. buy a grocery bag for $10 and fill it full with items from select tables and #2 Tea Pots were either $10 for large or $4 for small and all bone china tea cups and saucers were $10. That was it.
A view of the bone china tea cups...there were 30! I sold all but 3 hooray!!!
The tea pots, can you believe it???
Day two...still plenty to choose......Day one was huge, lots of traffic and full bags! When it was over, I was left with 2 boxes for Goodwill....that was it! I was thrilled and I think everyone who came felt they had gotten some nice items for good prices. I still have plenty of tea cups in my collection....about 100.

So, we have spent a whole year de-cluttering, intentory-ing, packing up, hauling to storage...then hauling back 10 boxes at a time to once again decide what to keep and what to dispose of to the tune of 18 boxes full for the big sale! I have touched all this stuff way too many times, I must be honest here....I am glad it is gone. We have shed literally a ton!!! My criteria for this process: Keep only what we will use. that is it. Now, remember, simplifing is a process. I know I am not really done, but, I am on the right track and heading in the right direction. Spring is here, summer is not far behind, camping is fast forward, yea!





Imnchghere said...

this is such an inspiration to me. I really need to find good homes for the teapots and cups/saucers from my tea room. It has been 14 years since it closed.

Imnchghere said...

following this has been such an inspiration for me. I need to find good homes for the teapots, cups/saucers from my tea room that has been closed for 14 yrs.

Cathy said...

Dear Lady Pat! Do the sale...I sent evites to friends, former customers and interested in tea type folks. Had everything set up in the great room and did it for 3 days....most came on Thursday, but I had folks come all 3 days. I had so much small stuff and I wanted it to go! that's why I did the buy a bag and fill it up thing! I had one lady who only wanted one item. I told her to put it in her friend's bag and settle up with her! Highly recommend doing this...and after 14 it possible??? time flies. You know you can do it!
hugs to you!