Thursday, May 15, 2008

For "the birds"

Meet Peep (yellow) and Sweet Bird (blue) our wonderful parakeets!

About 8 years ago after visiting my folks in Arizona, I decided we needed a bird. They are relatively easy on the upkeep and fun to watch and interact with and I enjoy their chatter...that is parakeet chatter..... So, I went to PetSmart and got two one blue and one yellow...didn't know their gender so named them Peep and RePeep. They became fast friends and for 3 years were happy in their cage and their life...then RePeep showed some signs of stress and so I took him (by now, we knew he was a he and she was not a he!) to the Vet....$125 later, we knew he was just fine and all fit and healthy...then 6 months later he dropped dead one morning. I was very very upset and sad...Peep was too. Poor RePeep, but he had a good, but brief life....Well, enter my good friend Michelle...she is a huge bird lover. She had a bird, a parakeet, who needed a home, would I be interested? The bird she was talking about I already had heard of thru Michelle, she had taken care of him for his owner for a week and had talked about what a great guy he was. His name ....Sweet Bird. I knew Peep was lonely...but thought I should wait to see if she would drop dead too since the mysterious death of RePeep...we waited, Peep survived and so enter Sweet Bird. He had been kept in a very small cage, so his growth was stunted (he was small, lots smaller than Peep who has always been in a nice large cage)...anyway....Sweet Bird may be small in size, but his heart, and ego knows no bounds...he is GREGARIOUS and from the moment he laid eyes on Peep, he wanted to be best friends...she was very shy. We kept their cages close for a week, then, we opened both doors so they could come and go...well you-know-who was over in the "big cage" instantly????SB, that's who...if birds could talk he would have been going a mile a min. Eventually, we brought just his beloved swing from the smaller cage and he moved into "the big house" and they have been together for 6 years now. Such a pair they make! They have great personalities and of course SB knows no fear and is such a character. He has also grown and is just about the same size as Peep now. She is calm and steady, he is wild and crazy...they are great friends and Paul and I enjoy being part of their world.





Joyce Mineer said...

The birds, the birds!!! They're now officially famous! So pretty to look at...

Floretta Armstrong said...

I just love the bird story. I wonder how long it took you to come up with those fabulous names of Peep and Repeep. I had an old friend who named her dog "Hey You". No need to remember a name when you want to call him (smile)