Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Foot story

Here is Paul and Fiona. Paul had a bunyon-echtomy a couple of weeks ago and has been healing....a longer process than he thought! I have been trying to be a good nurse. I did leave him on his own for this past weekend to go to the Fancy Food Show in New York City! He did fine, but discovered that he needs to keep off his feet as much as possible as the one that had the surgery tends to swell.
I did not take my camera to NYC, but Marian, my traveling companion, did and I hope she will send me some photos....we stayed in Jersey City and got back and forth via the PATH train. That worked out very well and we had a great hotel. (Doubletree in Newport). We saw Wicked, had dinner at Tavern on the Green, walked up 5th ave. from Rockerfeller Center to the Plaza....(this in the rain) walked through Central Park (this in a total downpour which soaked us to the bone!), spent an entire day at the Fancy Food Show and only managed to get down to aisle 2600 in a show with over 6000 numbered booths! Ate more chocolate that any human being should be allowed to consume! and did have a great time. Hopefully, I have made some solid contacts for my consulting was a good show. I am fighting off a cold thanks to the drenching in Central park....and glad to be home even tho NYC is my favorite place to visit!

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