Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Good Tuesday Friends,
I had a great idea, brought about by a bit of hardship and inconvenience, which sometimes brings forth good. Born from the experiences of a fire, my idea was: SOS which means: Simplify, Organize, Support! An 8 week course for those whose desire is to live life a different way. The class, in a nutshell, is a tool to help those of us who are hopelessly rambling around wanting to be organized in our personal life, our family life, our home and our dealings with the outside world...be it job, profession, school, career, whatever....those of us who recognize that "things" are holding us down, keeping us back, robbing us of freedom! We have all the good intentions...but just no accountability...hence, the "support" in SOS. Part of the appeal was that each of us in the class shared our frustrations and hopes and we gave support to each other. The goal was to begin to change our habits and acquire new ones in their place. Each of us claimed an area we would de-clutter and re-purpose by the end of the class, then...the last class we had a progressive party and went from house to house to view the finished area! We had a ball and it worked! Everyone achieved satisfaction from actually doing what they said they would do, it was delightful and what fun we had. I have been asked to think about doing this class "on line"....but I hesitate because part of the magic of a weekly on site class is the relationship built between all the attendees...but hey, blog land is full of wonderful friendships between people who have never met, so maybe this might work after all.... Now, Lindsey, you might say: "Heal thyself"....yep, I do believe I may be back sliding and I NEED this class again just for myself....well, what do you think? Should I put it together for a virtual class??? Mom, you do NOT need to take this course, you are the great de-clutter queen and I stand in awe of your refrigerator alone!!! But, for those of you whose fridge is one huge mumble-jumble (and you know what that means and who you are!) maybe SOS is for you.....

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Zee said...

Hah! Everyone could use a class like this. I have actually thought about offering one myself before.