Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do You Remember????

This is Zion in his 2nd grade classroom on Grandparent's Day (not the official day in Sept., but a special day at his school)
This is me and Z

This is what I brought to share with his class....the red booklet is my mother's autograph book from 1934, a photo of my mother and her mother, and Kit, an American girl doll "from the 1930s. I thought the children might connect better when they saw the Kit doll....
Hello everyone,
I promised some photos and here they are. The visit to Zion's class was very very nice. The other grandparents looked like grandparents, I always don't see myself as looking old enough to be a grand....but, that is just denial, I am sure.....the grey is there, more and more all the time...The children had questions to ask us and everyone shared memories of their childhood and how things had changed over the years....Change is inevitable, we can not count on anything remaining the same except love, deep, true, steadfast and eternal. There was much love in the room. Lots and lots of memories too. The most popular item brought to share was a bag of cool rocks....that Grandma knows her stuff!!!
I firmly believe we have to talk to each other, share our memories, relate our history. I remember vividly my 8th year....don't know why, but it is right there in the front of my head. Milton Moore, Brownies, the cafeteria, the greenhouse on Elmwood (not the color green, but a garden center that grew and sold plants of all sorts), Glenda Tally, Bobby Brooks, Paul Farmer, Gary Shelley, Amy and Nancy Sultzbaugh, Mike Donahue, Freddy Delriso....just to name a few...cannot remember my 3rd grade teacher's name tho.....I got the 5th disease that year. We always wore dresses with petticoats and shoes and socks, no tennis shoes! We played 4-square and dodgeball and lots of jump rope. I loved Captain Kangaroo and Rocky and Bullwinkle and the Three Stooges. I loved school. I didn't worry much about stuff altho everyone was a bit concerned about an atomic bomb and we did have drills for them as well as fire drills, but the idea of them actually hitting Milton Moore, well, seemed out of the question! We lived lives of bliss and innocence....played outside way past dark, never feared, ate whatever we wanted and never wore any kind of safety equipment. We did scratch our knees, bleed, loose skin, get scabs and bruises.....part of childhood, no one thought a thing of it, and we also got spanked.
Well, enough of memory lane, just got started and wandered away....My memories of those times are for the most part, happy and make me smile. That's been a long time ago and times passes so quickly, it almost seems like yesterday.
Share your memories with someone real soon, time is flying!

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Joyce Mineer said...

How sweet the day must've been... No doubt you're pretty special to "Z" - it shows in that wonderful grin of his! So glad you had the time together.