Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little crafting

Hello everyone,
Spring is in the and on that is! One day it is 70 and the next the high is 40. With swings like that in the temperatures it can only mean one least here in North Carolina...spring is on its way!!! The past two mornings I have been woken by the chirping of a very loud Carolina Wren and I have seen my first Towhee and Robin too!!! Daffs are pushing up and buds are out on the dogwoods....I was wandering through one of my favorite shops....Garden Supply....they are the masters of display marketing....saw the large letters spelling NEST and fell in love, but wait....they cost over $40, well over. Remember, I am living within my means these days, but I thought to myself, "I can do that!". I headed right over to Michael's and bought the paper letters and began creating. The photo above is of the process almost done....I embellished with ephemera (that's do-dads and what-nots in laymen's terms) and below is the almost finished project. I still have a wee tiny nest and 3 itsy bitsy blue robin eggs to attach to the E...they will be in my little shop at the Brew and Browse after Valentine's spring theme is going to be "FEATHER YOUR NEST". (gotta have a theme)

Covering the letters was not that hard, but it did take some time. I had all the supplies on hand already, which made the project cost effective!

Here's the back of the letters...they look nice too, just not embellished.

I went back to Michael's and bought letters for TEA and hope to get those made also, it is rather fun to do, hope someone will think they are "gotta haves".....they will be much cheaper than $40!
Tomorrow I am invited to Zion's 2nd grade class for Grandparents Day. The teacher is hoping we can share a bit of ourselves with the children and help them to connect to the fact that we were once children, just like them! I am taking my mother's autograph book that I somehow acquired and is a treasure to me. In this book are autographs of her school friends, neighbors, cousins, aunts, grandmother and grandmother and grandfather writing to their little 7 year old mother....Zion's great-grandmother!!! I will take my Kit, American Girl doll as she is from the 30s era and the girls will be familiar with the doll....and I have a picture of my mother and grandmother at that age along with a recent photo of my mother....I will encourage the children to begin an autograph book and perhaps 75 years from now, they will be sharing with their 7 year old great grandchildren!!!! Ah, the circle of life!
I will take photos and share, I promise.

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