Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me and the "Lord"

Good morning friends,
I am in a hurry as today is the day I travel to Charlotte, NC for a real-deal job! I am the "tea expert" for a Belk/Wedgewood event tomorrow. Me and Lord Wedgewood (hence...."the Lord") do a little talk on stage for a few assorted hand-picked guests. I get to spend the night in a hotel and have a great time too! This will be the third time I have done this type of event for Belk and I do love it so! Last time, Lord W was not well and didn't get to be there, so this time, I am bringing my camera and I will get a photo! Charlotte is a brief 3 hour drive, and it is overcast and drizzeling, perfect traveling weather! Well, must pack and depart

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Joyce Mineer said...

I thought today was the kick off of your big adventure! I'm sure by now (it's 9:30 Thursday night) you've settled into your hotel room and taking advantage of cable television! I'm glad you left early enough to miss any T-storms. Don't forget to take some time to tour Southpark - let's say it together...BEAUTIFUL! And be sure to visit Anthropology IN PERSON! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and takes lots of pictures to share! Be safe on the road home - hugs, Joyce