Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Hello and happy Tuesday friends,
Big day in NC, all eyes are on the results! Lots of buz, everywhere I went folks were talking about voting today. Of course the national ballot was obviously of great interest, but we here in NC have many issues locally and many many choices in our primary elections. As far as I can see, these local elections mean a whole lot more to me and my day to day living than the national ticket.(of course, that is my humble opinion). I DO WANT CHANGE, I just think it starts in our own states, counties, cities and hearts! History is being made, that is for sure...of the 3 obvious presidential candidates, one a woman, one of African-American decent, and one an honored POW...that says alot right there. I think this election will certainly be one for the history books! I also have to admit I feel sorry for WHOEVER wins...and I use that term loosely as I think being president for the next four years will be considered the "boobie prize".
I voted for my guy Mike and was proud to do it too, my vote was not wasted....I "spent" it well.
I am glad we do not receive TV (we do not have ours hooked up to an antenna, so we cannot watch any tv) because tonight will be a bust for sure!

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