Monday, May 12, 2008

That's me on the left!

So here I am with Lord Wedgwood and all that lovely china! This was actually taken a year ago at my first event here in Raleigh....I should be getting some photos to upload and share soon of the event in Charlotte. I have done this three times and have enjoyed each tea. Everyone in both the Belk and Wedgwood organizations is so very accomodating, helpful, friendly and professional, it is a pure pleasure to work with them. And Lord Wedgwood is the consumate gentleman and so charming....he is grand. I try to make them glad they hired me....

1 comment:

MOM said...

So glad to finally get to see Lord Wedgewood.
From his looks I can see Marlon Brando dressed up.
You both make a very nice appearance.
the china looks elegant.
I wish I could be in the audience as a little mouse.
wish you could get Lord W to come to mid west as we have some lovely stores that would do his china and crystal well.