Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dinner Party

Big Night Table(above)
Happy Party-goers (below)
Joe and Karen
Woody and Bridget

Paul and Cathy


Hello everyone,
One of my three new years resolutions was to entertain more often. I thought a "Dinner and a Movie" night might be a fun couples event and ran the idea past my hubby. Paul is an avid movie watcher and he loves my cooking....so it was a big green light from him. I invited 3 couples (one could not make it :-( but will be available next month). So six of us had a really tasty Italian dinner and watched the movie Big Night. If you haven't seen this movie, you should, it is a good foodie movie!

Italian Beer
Champagne cocktails (all the rage in the 50s)
Antipasto tray
Caprese salad
Tossed green salad with home made vinegarette dressing
rosemary foccia bread with olive oil dipping sauce
Lasagna bolognase
hearty red wine

Chocolate tart with caramel glaze and toasted almonds

What a great time we had and I think everyone enjoyed the movie too.
I am already planning next month's festivities!
This is fun!


Barbara said...

Very pretty and looks like alot of fun. We've talked about doing something like that with friends too! Do you swap up who host?

Cathy said...

So far, it is just me. These ladies both work full time, so it is my treat and pleasure to be the cook. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That sounds like so much fun.