Monday, January 3, 2011

What happened to Day 2???

Me and my grandson Woody, Dec. 2010
I am already behind and it is only January 3! woe is me, this does not bode well for the rest of the year.

Did you set a goal, a resolution, a wish or intention for the New Year? We all have moments where we see improvement needed and determine to alter some habit, trait, performance in our lives. Once, I decided to rid myself of "toxic" friendships (and I use friendship here very loosely, perhaps acquaintance would be a better choice of words). Not an easy task, but I will tell you, a good decision and on reflection, I am better off without those entanglements! Another year I decided to cultivate positive was such a wonderful success and has added many lovely memories and wonderful relationships for which I am blessed! I say all this to encourage you (and me) to continue the habit of evaluation and positive goal setting that a New Year provides.

Today is the first Monday of the New Year...the kids head back to school, folks are back to work, Christmas decor is over and done....until oh, say, August???? But for now, it is behind us and let's see....Valentine's Day is on the horizon...but before that we have Ground Hog Day and MLK. Lots to look forward to and of course there is Friday...which is only 4 days away. I wish you good goal setting, positive critical analysis, and happy results.




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Summer Skeeter said...

This year I want to go over the top a little on Valentine's Day. Pip is just the right age to enjoy his first tea party, I think. He even likes our tea (Keemun) with extra milk added to cool it off.