Monday, January 31, 2011

My cup over-floweth

Hello friends,
As you can see, I have a few tea cups. My love of tea began as a child drinking Constant Comet tea with my dear grandmother, Beulah, out in the greenhouse which was her garden business attached to the home we lived in on Elmwood, in Kansas City, Missouri. We would "help" her...she always had a job for us to do and she would treat us as adults when explaining what she expected to be accomplished. As a treat, we would have tea. I loved those times and that tea. I never developed a taste for coffee. That love of tea led to to a whole new adventure as a tea entrepeneur....way back beginning in May of 2001. Long story short....I had a tea shop in a mall and sold tea items and loose leaf teas (over 100 in my inventory). An amazing, wonderful, sometimes unbelievable journey that God took me on and led every step of the places I never dreamed I would go, that's for sure! Anyway, one of the things I sold in my shop was bone china tea cups from England. Well, I would buy them on ebay usually 4-6 sets at a time as shipping was a bit cheaper that way. They would arrive at my house and I would unpack and check them out....oh my! they were soooooo lovely, many of them I could not part with! finally, when I had about 250 sets in the house my husband said, "Cathy, is this a hobby or a business?" reality check!!! So, I began sorting through the cups and saucers trying to figure out which ones I could part with and which just could not go!
Last year I packed up almost all the tea cups for storage while we sold our house and traveled the world....NOT! So, this week I have been unpacking the tea cups and once again I felt the need to weed....This is the part of simplifing which you get better at with much practice...and believe me, I have been practicing!

I spread all the tea cups and saucers out on the dining room table. I played "duck-duck-goose" and pulled out about 30 sets to sell....oh, I am having a tea cup/tea pot sale the first week of March. You are invited. I will get out more details. Bring lots of $$$ I would love to buy a washer or dryer from the proceeds of selling my beloved china

I am not selling any of these....these I am keeping and you will have to wait til I die to get them

I am not perfect. I am trying and that is all I can say for now.

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