Thursday, January 6, 2011

PB...hold the jelly

That clever title is PANERA BREAD....hold the jelly can I get a groan? Well, I am trying....
Panera makes you happy as you spend $10 for lunch, easily! Panera makes you happy as you refill your drink 10 times while you watch all back episodes of Serrenity on Netflix while using their free wi-fi. Panera makes you happy to pick two and get added carb dessert for only .99! Panera Bread is the Cheers of the 21st century....If any of you remember my little tea room in Durham, well, Panera Bread stole my whole model for a wonderful place to eat,drink,socialize, and just hang out. The only difference is that my place created a bit of community and at Panera, they give you the freedom to bring your community in with you and stay as long as you like...or until closing! Plus, everything tastes real good there. I get nothing for this review and have no interest in promoting Panera other than I think they are brilliant and admire them from the bottom of my heart. Also, must mention that both Target and Panera come straight from the American Heart....they know US (as in us ---you and me---) they like us, they understand us and they cater to US, hooray and only in America (a flag wave here). Altho, the rest of the world is welcome to enjoy these great businesses too! (Oh, I love IKEA, don't me wrong, they are top notch too, but not my most admired since I never even thought about selling homegoods....(did I say "homegoods???love that store too)
better close while I am coherent
love your feedback friends!


Phyllis Airington said...

Cathy Rae, what is that soup you all are writing bout. Just the name makes it sound delicious.
Loved your blog site ande learn something from each one.
The tea pot looks very pretty after all thes years.
I bet I know someone that would sure be pleased.
Enjoyed our telephone visit even if we had trouble on the line.
Sure have cabin fever so cold here.Love,
Fi Fi

Janna Lewis said...

We have been big fans of Paneras since 2004. They hooked me with their chocolate croissants and reeled me in with their breakfast soufflé.