Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I love/admire Target

Hello everyone!.
For the whole first decade of 2000 I have been an entrepeneur. That is someone who is in business for themselves....in other words...you are the boss, numero uno, the man (who usually never gets a paycheck!). From the very beginning of my journey I realized that marketing and originality would be key in development of my business. There were two business out "there" that caught my attention and since I was in the food-trade, even tho tea is a drink, there are many foods that can be included if desired....and I was in the retail business as I sold all things tea-related. That being said, I honed in on Panera Bread and Target! Both had business models I studied and admired. Both extremely successful and growing, both tapping into the American psyche in a positive and influential way! I mean, Panera survived the big CARB SCARE....survived and became even more popular .....Target overcame the BELL-RINGING SANTA DEBACLE...with not even a shout! So, first, Target....why is this company so extremely good at reading the American public??? /Well, they create an environment that appeals to us...as a whole. But, in this environment, THEY are in charge (so subtle, but so true...we don't even know it! it's brilliant) and even if we do know it (since I am letting you all in on this secret, which won't be a secret anymore!) Most of the time, they stock the shelves with four of the same item....that's it....so, lady, you better buy this cute thing-a-ma-jig now, it won't be here for long!
NO MUSIC (I love this!)
Lots of light, wide isles, very very clean.
NO WAITING (I mean, very little to no waiting again, brilliant
Great clothes and shoes. Hey, we want some trendy stuff and who cares if it only lasts a season, we didn't pay an arm and a leg for it anyway and it is CUTE
On the other hand, most stuff is very well made and does last! thankyouverymuch....the cool Ugg-like boots I have worn for two winters and lovelovelove, for example
All this to say: TARGET rocks on all levels and I give them huge kudos and want to be them when I grow up!
As a person who studies retail, I see no faults with anything Target does and commend them in every way....Wallmart is not close to their league.
What do you think?
Next post: Panera Bread-love


Joyce Mineer said...

I LOVE me some Tar-jay!!!!!

Summer Skeeter said...

I love to shop at Target, and I love Panera's free wi-fi and easy to order drinks and desserts. I look forward to hearing what you say about Panera.