Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Bunco Banner on mail box signifies the event of the season is taking place at this location!!!
Step right along and enter the festivities!

The prizes are wrapped and waiting...

The entry to the house is all outfitted for Christmasing

Choose your teacup!

This is the "middle" table

Here's the "Low" table you can see the large "fuzzy" dice and the tin with the holiday pencils..each table had their supplies ready and 4 dice to roll too.

This is the "High" table in the parlor.
Good morning after friends,
We had a very good time and after playing our first "practice" round on Bunco were ready to really play and we sure did have fun along the way! Lots of good food to eat and hot cider, altho the doors to the screen porch were open the entire time as the temps were in the high 60s that night!
Thanks to Summer, Carrie Anne, Michelle, April, Karen, Ruth, Debbie, Amy, Sarah, Joyce and Mary for all showing up and being such good sports as we muddled our way through Bunco. It was a true pleasure to spend some time with you ladies! Thank you for bringing so many good things to eat too...
Now, today is tidy-up and wind down a bit day for me....also tonight is our grandson Woody's Christmas band concert, a real highlight and also his last one as he leaves middle school and moves on to high school next year. Mr. Jackson is a phenominal teacher who inspires his students to excellence in ways I cannot even comprehend...I just see and hear the results and know he is one very gifted teacher. I wish I could give him a million dollars, he is that good and I want him to know how much I personally appreciate all his efforts. Those kids in the band are also amazing. You would never believe you were listening to a middle school band it is just that good. Kids do not leave the band at Apex Middle school...they stay the whole three years because they love it so! I am so proud of Woody and his musical talent. He plays the bass clarinet and does a grand job. So, I am really looking forward to this evening.
Hope you have something good to look forward to

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Blogda said...

Oh my gosh, I was Goggling "Bunco", and I found your blog...what a womderful party you set up! I'm new to Bunco, but I love it! My daughter-in-law's Mom invited me to her group and I can't get enough of it. Although, I think your party looks like a bit more fun than hers ;). Anyway, she told me about this High Rollers Club at, and it's been so much fun! It's not only all about Bunco, but you can set up a great scrapbook with your photo and videos. Love it! Anyway, just wanted to spread the tip about the scrapbook page, thanks for the great blog, and keep on rollin'!